Boombap ClicKE Crew

It’s good to see a revival of Hip Hop events in Kenya oflate. Boom Bap ClicKe which started out as a group of music enthusiasts who met at their homes to share their mutual passion for music is one such group of organizers who hold different themed Hip Hop events every month in Nairobi. This month they will be hosting the Homegrown Edition which will have Trabolee, Kaa La Moto and the immaculate Xtatic.

We talked to them about Boom Bap music and their Hip Hop themed events.

Welcome to Micshariki Africa...First of all tell us about Boom Bap ClicKe, what are you guys all about and how did this journey begin?

We are a group of 9 music enthusiasts who share a mutual passion for the Hip Hop culture, including 4 DJs and a top battle rapper. Our story started when we began hosting monthly Hip Hop jam sessions in our homes, where we set up DJ equipment and gave everyone the opportunity to play their favorite Hip Hop tracks. One of us later discovered DJ Midl_East who was playing the type of Hip Hop we loved at a public venue called Lava Latte. We approached him for a collaboration of which he was cool with. Fortunately, we ClicKed and thus BoomBap ClicKe was born. We have been hosting Hip Hop themed events for over 4 years since.

How did this name Boom Bap ClicKe come about and what does it signify for those who might not be aware?

Boom Bap is a style of Hip Hop music that originated in the 1990s, characterized by hard-hitting drums and samples from soul and jazz records. We therefore used the term since that Boom Bap sound is what introduced our generation to Hip Hop music. ClicKe is a play on the word clique where the “KE” is the abbreviation for Kenya, our home country.

Are you guys strictly into Boom Bap music or do you guys play other sub genres too like, Drill, Trap, Mumble Rap etc.?

We are very eclectic in our music taste thanks to the very nature of Hip Hop music, a mixing pot of all other genres. It follows that we play all sub genres and even the jazz, funk and RnB songs that have immensely contributed to the growth of rap music.

With the Hip Hop sound evolving constantly why have you guys decided to support and promote this Boom Bap Sound?

Boom Bap is the foundation through which other Hip Hop sounds came from. In the words of KRS ONE, “Boom bap is the original rap”, meaning new waves will come and go, but the core remains constant.

I saw you guys organizing events to commemorate one of the best producers to ever have done it, J Dilla? What impact did he have on you guys and how does this event honor him from start to finish? What other events do you guys normally do on this day apart from playing his music?

J Dilla exemplifies the art of crate digging. He not only took samples but how he manipulated them to create new sounds was and still is legendary. As a collective we honor him in line with the world wide Dilla month every February as it’s both the month he was born and the month he rested. The event features his production work and that of other artists and producers who he directly influenced. The month of February also marks the first time we DJ’d as a collective at Lava latte.

What about other producers like Nujabes who have passed, do you guys have similar events for them? What about for producers from the region who have shaped the Boom Bap sounds of East Africa?

The only other artist with a dedicated annual theme is MF DOOM. We have had dedicated events for Dr. Dre, Soulquarians, DJ Premier, Pete Rock to name a few. Due to the immense number of dope producers, we have sessions where respective DJs dedicate full sets to the producers or even artists. Same goes for East African producers.

Are you guys supporting the Boom Bap sound by either supporting by producing emcees from the region or playing their Boom Bap sounds on your sets?

Yes we do incorporate regional emcees and producers in our sets. Even for our themed nights, we incorporate regional sounds with a clear influence from the headlining producer. On that note, our live set recordings are available for free on Mixcloud under Boom Bap ClicKe

What is the frequency of your events and how are they themed?

Our events are held every month and the themes are fluid determined by either current events, our internal debates or even suggestions from our fan base.

How has been the reception of those of have managed to attend the event so far?

Reception has been beyond what we envisioned. We started off with an average attendance of 20-25 peeps, now were averaging 7-8 times that which to us is quite good. This steady organic growth has given us that extra drive to keep catering to the niche crowd of Hip Hop heads.

Let's talk about your upcoming event Homegrown Edition that is scheduled to take place on the 13th of May 2023. What is this event all about, where is it being held and who are the guests artists who shall perform here?

The event is our way of paying homage to Hip Hop acts from Kenya. It will be held at Nairobi Street Kitchen, Westlands in Nairobi, Kenya on the 13th of May. On top of the impeccable DJ sets, there shall be performances by Trabolee, Xtatic and Kaa La Moto.

What should fans expect when they come to this event?

Our attendees can expect to be hit with a broad spectrum of emotions. Tra will bring out that deep introspection, Xtatic will serve that soul food and Kaa La Moto will definitely rouse the activist in you. Between the BoomBap DJs, fans can expect to wild out and groove to both new and old Kenyan classics. Beyond the music, there will be break dance battles, artists like Groovy Jo will grace the place for a meet and greet with the audience.

You guys are offering a platform for our artists to perform which is a good initiative since events, especially Hip Hop events are few and far between. Shall we expect more such shows from you this year?

As mentioned earlier, we are all about organic growth, and part of that growth is collaborating with creatives who fit our style. So we are definitely going to have more shows so, watch this space.

For those not around Nairobi and who would like to hear/see what you guys are doing, is there an online platform from where they can get to experience what you guys have to offer?

They can find us on

Instagram: BoomBapClicKe
Twitter: BoomBapClicKe
Facebook: BoomBapClicKe
Mixcloud: BoomBapClicKe

What should we expect from you guys in 2023 and in the coming years?

We intend to incorporate more elements of Hip Hop into our events like Break Dancing and Graffiti. We are also keen on sourcing collectible vinyls for sale to the local enthusiasts on top of our cap, tee shirt and hoodie merchandise.

Anything that maybe you'd like to share with our readers and I might not have asked you?

Our top motivation as a unit is sharing good music and using our platform to promote creatives whichever way we can. If our vibe resonates with anyone out there, reach out to us and let’s get creative.

Shout outs?

Shout out to our fans who’ve been a true blessing to us in more ways than just the music. Furthermore, the venues that have supported the movement in our various stages of growth, Lava Latte, Nabo Bistro, Mzuzi Park, Ole Polos, KO Kraft Room, 254 Beer District and Nairobi Street Kitchen. Without these venues taking a chance on the ClicKe, we’d probably still be living room DJs.

Shukran sana for your time. Continue supporting and promoting good Hip Hop music.

It is our pleasure, thank you and the Micshariki team for featuring us.