Grand Rende

Two young and upcoming emcees from Nairobi Kenya linked up together to share their street tales with us. There tales are intended to not only entertain us but also keep us inspired and believing about better days ahead. Ladies and gentlemen, the crew Grand Rende.

For those people who are discovering Grand Rende today kindly let them know who are the members of the outfit?

Grand Rende is a rap duo from Nairobi, Kenya consisting of two artists namely Emmanuel Mokeni aka Young G Morgan and Brian Sawe aka Grand Mufassa.

How did the formation of the Grand Rende rap group come about, and what inspired you to collaborate?

We grew up in the same hood neighbors to be precise. I (Mufassa) used to be a spoken word artist during my high school days and, Morgan inspired by Kenyan hip-hop, used to write some barz and freestyling to his peers in school.

After clearing high school, we realized we could form a rap group and that is when we had to sit down with our manager and come up with the name Grand Rende. The Grand in Grand Rende represents how we want our music to be viewed. We are seeking to give our fans some Grand vibe which is a fusion of old classic Hip-Hop reincarnated to a new school vibe, but maintaining a similar vibe. Rende basically means a group in our local dialect which is sheng.

Can you share some insights into your creative process when producing music together? 

As a rap duo, we believe collaboration is key. We start by brainstorming ideas together and sharing thoughts on themes, lyrics, and overall vibe. We first start by finding unique instrumentals then each of us brings our unique style and flow to the table, ensuring a dynamic and complementary sound.

We often take turns writing verses, refining them collaboratively, and experimenting with different delivery styles. The back-and-forth process helps create a cohesive and engaging track that highlights our strengths while maintaining a unified sound. We also take time to come up with a single project, which takes up to six months to come up with six timeless songs.

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How do individual members contribute to the group's unique sound and identity? 

Each member of the Grand Rende contributes distinct elements to the group's unique sound and identity. One of us has specialized in coming up with the themes of the songs which gives us the directions on issues we choose to address,  while the other one focuses on delivery, consciousness, and rhythm. Varied vocal tones, flows and stylistic variations add depth to our music. Additionally, personal experiences and perspectives from each member shape the overall narrative, giving us a unique identity.

What themes or messages do you aim to convey through your lyrics and overall music style?

Growing up in a ghetto setup has influenced our writing process both positively and negatively, we aim to convey authentic narratives and meaningful messages. Our lyrics often explore personal experiences, struggles, and triumphs, providing our listeners with a relatable and genuine connection. Social critique, self-reflection, and storytelling are key elements in our content.

We strive to inspire, provoke thought, and share insights into our perspectives on life. The overall rapping style combines lyricism, wordplay and emotion to create a dynamic and engaging experience that resonates with our audience.

Can you talk about the challenges and rewards of working as a collaborative unit in the rap industry?

Working as a collaborative unit in the rap industry comes with both challenges and rewards. Challenges may include navigating creative differences, finding a balance between individual styles, and coordinating schedules. Effective communication is crucial to overcome these hurdles.

On the other side, the rewards are significant. Collaborating brings a diversity of ideas and skills, enhancing the overall creative process. Sharing the workload and responsibilities can lead to increased productivity and a broader range of talents displayed in the music. Additionally, having a partner provides support and motivation, making it easier to navigate the complexities of the industry together. The shared success and the ability to bounce ideas off one another contribute to a fulfilling and enriching journey in the rap scene.

What do you believe sets your rap group apart from others in the industry?

What sets our rap group apart is the unique blend of our styles, perspectives, and experiences. We pride ourselves on authenticity, weaving genuine stories and emotions into our lyrics. The collaborative dynamic adds a layer of depth to our music, creating a distinctive sound that resonates with listeners. Our commitment to meaningful messages and a diverse range of themes further distinguishes us in an industry where authenticity and relatability are highly valued.

How do you navigate differences in opinions or artistic visions within the group?

Navigating differences in opinions or artistic visions within the group involves open communication and a willingness to compromise. We engage in constructive discussions, valuing each other's perspectives. It is crucial to find common ground and understand the strengths that each member brings to the table. Collaboration often involves blending diverse ideas, and we approach disagreements as opportunities for creative growth. Ultimately, the shared goal of creating impactful music helps guide us through the process, fostering a sense of unity despite any initial differences.

Can you share a memorable moment or experience that highlights the camaraderie within the group?

We have been through a lot and sticking together is what has been keeping us going. The most memorable moment that we have had is when we emerged as winners in a Boomplay and Wave 360 competition, which was held at JKUAT in 2022 July.

How do you engage with your audience, and what role does fan feedback play in your creative process?

We actively engage with our audience through social media, live performances, and other interactive platforms. Fan feedback is valuable to us; we pay close attention to their responses, comments, and suggestions. This feedback plays a significant role in our creative process, serving as a gauge for what resonates with our audience.

It helps us understand which themes or styles connect most strongly, influencing our decisions on future projects. The relationship with our fans is a dynamic and collaborative one, shaping the direction of our music and ensuring it remains relevant and appreciated by our fans.

You Guys dropped a new joint dubbed 'Back Up Ya Gang', tell us more about it.

‘Backup Ya Gang’ is a Kenyan Drill classic song by Grand Rende that introduces us to the industry in a special way. We talk about how we are seeking to create a better future for our kids by encouraging them to become "best rappers" and hustlers in these harsh economic times.

How do you balance individual aspirations with the collective goals of the rap group?

Balancing individual aspirations with collective goals in Grand Rende has been a challenge to us but we have managed to come up with ways to cop up which involves open communication and a shared vision. We encourage each member to pursue their aspirations within the broader framework of the group's objectives. Regular discussions help align individual goals with the overall direction of the duo. Flexibility and compromise are key, allowing for a harmonious blend of individual creativity and shared ambitions.

By acknowledging and supporting each other's aspirations, we strengthen the group dynamic, fostering a collaborative environment where everyone feels valued and motivated to contribute to the collective success.

In what ways do you stay true to your roots while evolving your sound and style over time?

Staying true to our roots while evolving our sound involves a careful balance of preserving core elements and embracing innovation. We consistently draw inspiration from our origins, drawing inspiration from a couple of great rappers from all over the world, infusing our music with authentic experiences and the essence of where we come from.

At the same time, we remain open to experimenting with new sounds, styles, and production techniques, allowing our music to evolve organically. This fusion of tradition and innovation ensures that our sound matures and stays relevant while maintaining a connection to the authentic foundation that defines our artistic identity.

Can you discuss the impact of current events or social issues on your recent work?

Current events and social issues often serve as powerful catalysts for our recent work. We believe in using our platform to address relevant topics and contribute to important conversations. Themes related to social justice, inequality, and contemporary challenges find their way into our lyrics, reflecting the world around us. By engaging with these issues, we aim to resonate with our audience, fostering awareness and sparking meaningful dialogue. This connection to real-world issues not only adds depth to our music but also allows us to contribute to the broader cultural conversation through our art.

How has the rap group evolved since its inception, and where do you see it heading in the future?

Since our inception in the Kenyan Industry, we have evolved in multiple dimensions. Initially, we focused on establishing our unique sound and identity. Over time, our collaboration has become seamless, with a deeper understanding of each other's strengths and styles.

Looking to the future, we aspire to continue evolving creatively, exploring new themes and experimenting with diverse creative elements. We envision growth in our fan base and expanding our reach through various platforms.

Collaborations with other artists and exploring different genres might also be on the horizon when the occasion calls for it. We are currently focused on building our brand and we will communicate when we are ready for collaborations. Overall, we are committed to staying authentic while embracing change, ensuring that our music remains both timeless and relevant.

Are there any upcoming projects or collaborations that fans can look forward to hearing?

We have done a couple of tracks that we are yet to release but all we can say is “mutafurahia”. Stay tuned to our social media platforms and official channels for announcements and updates. We appreciate the support, and we are eager to share our upcoming work with our dedicated fan base!

Word to your believers?

To all our die-hard fans, your support fuels our creative journey, and we are grateful for every one of you. Stay tuned for more vibes, stories, and beats. We are in this journey together!

Any Shoutouts?

We want to send a shout-out to everyone out there who has been supporting us all through our journey, all we can say is we are not going to let you down. Stay tuned for some amazing music coming your way.

Parting Shot?

We are looking forward to getting into the music scene and bringing some changes.