Hii Beat Ni X

Hii Beat Ni X is a seasoned producer who began his career as a rapper while in school before settling to become a Hip Hop producer. He has been behind some of the Hip Hop bangers in the Kenyan Hip Hop scene. We reached out to him to know more about the man behind the boards, Hii Beat Ni X aka Dre aka KxNG X.O.

Karibu sana Micshariki Africa kaka Hii Beat Ni X…One risk of interviewing producers is that sometimes we think don’t know them so well when it comes to the music they produced and then when he mentions his previous projects you sit still and say “Kumbe ni wewe…” Hit us first with some of your “Kumbe ni wewe” tracks… 😆

One of King Kaka's famous debut single Niko Kwa Jam Na Come from his first album Tales Of Kaka Sungura. Also did 5 other tracks on that album.

And also all volumes of The Last MCs Mixtapes,

Now to the intros… Who is Hii Beat Ni X, your government names, what you do and where are you from?

Joseph Andre Kamau, commercially known as Hii Beat Ni X, or ‘X’, or Dre or KxNG X.O,

Kenyan born in the outskirts of the capital Nairobi. I am a music and film producer, record executive, IT geek and entrepreneur.

When am not in the studio making /producing music, am out there providing IT Services and involved in substantial shares in some other business ventures.

Tell us about yourself, where were you born and raised, where did you attend you primary, secondary and maybe tertiary schools? How was your childhood growing up?

Born and raised in the outskirts of Nairobi, Kiambu. I schooled in the same school, desk mates with MC Tejja at Kiambu Primary School and High School at Senior Chief Koinange High Same Class, desk mates with Hip Hop MC Dope Daggie [hahaha…as you can see already that Hip Hop has been everywhere I was]. Same case with some few former Hip Hop MCs at the few collages I was.

How did the name Hii Beat Ni X come about and what does it signify?

Hii Beat Ni X came about way back when producer tags started gaining traction. Initially, I never tagged or labelled any of my earlier works, but an artist from back then started mentioning it in all his songs that eventually we stuck with it.

Back when King Kaka using the name “Rabbit”, he gave it much more fame and prominence when he mentioned it in the tracks we had done together on his first album. The symbolism of it was that the Beat/track was so good it was not only the best; it was the X marks the spot. (It has hit the target).

How did you begin your musical journey…walk us through you initial baby music steps until now.

Music has always been a passion for me for as long as I can remember. Most close friends from my childhood will mostly remember me as the kid who used to sing, rap, write rhymes, drum on a school desk or drum set in high school church. At home mostly I would be listening to all these tapes, CDs with all the East Coast ,West Coast Hip Hop ,and vinyl’s  with the 60’s,70,s and 80,s music classics from way back.

It became a side interest where if possible I would learn any instrument I could lay my hands on. Later on we got into rapping, most folks do not know this, that am exceptionally very good on the mic too, but my heart was always in producing. I figured since way back we were always saying as MCs we are not getting the beats we want, why I do not just head over and make them myself.

As a “former” Hip Hop MC, I guess it has given me an edge especially as a Hip Hop producer to connect better with what an MC’s tries to bring out of a track.

How has the journey been and how supportive have your family been?

Like all things, you got to work hard, and at first like all things lazima challenge here and there.  The minute you find the perfect balance between the business side of it and the passion side of it, it will be incredible. You got to work hard to have it, and twice as much to keep it .And also surround yourself with people who believe in you and trust the process to get to the heights you believe you can.

In addition, most importantly with God, nothing is impossible!

Bro your CV read like, “Music & Film Produce, Record Executive, Entrepreneur…tell us more about this…

In the aspect of music, am in it all round, initially as an artist, but now predominantly as a producer, songwriter and as a talent promoter of some sorts. I have a small team of A&R’s where at any opportunity we can get we give opportunities to artists of all genres but mostly Hip Hop with potential to put out songs out there.

On the film part of it, is that I also occasionally direct music videos, produce TV jingles and some yet to be released film soundtracks. In addition, we are in the pre filming stages of a new short film series called Block 66.

As for the Entrepreneur side, am involved in a couple of business ventures here and there in IT, software engineering, merchandising etc.

Aspire/Hii Beat Ni X Entertaimment…how and when did this come about and what are you guys up to there?

Aspire Music Ke or Aspire Entertainment Ke  is a subsidiary of Hii Beat Ni X Entertainment, Where else Hii Beat Ni X is simply the parent company which houses Aspire Music studios and the Hardworkingblackfolks Films which is the film subsidiary of Hii Beat Ni X.

I first started hearing from you when I gave an ear to one of your “The Last MCs” series of projects. Tell us more about this project, what inspired you to come up with this series, what is its objectives and how do you manage to come with the concepts and guests invites on the project?

The Last MCs Series is a passion project for me. I would personally go as far as to say, in all the Hip Hop projects I have worked on, I loved working on this one the most. My inspiration of it came from the fact that am usually the biggest fan of all the MCs I produce for or have been at my studio e.g. MtuReal, Tejja, LeftArm, Hamasa, Cafu, Dahimz, Jaykah Mtengwa, V Vid Ideaz etc.

Moreover, as am listening to all great verses they did, I just felt like I need to re-Up this masterpieces, separate them individually, put new beats on them and put them out there for people to vibe to them again as this new fine-tuned beasts of work. That is what I did.

Initially I did not expect a lot of reception from the first volume but I was just surprised by how much the Hip Hop Heads were into it and so I did the second the third, fourth and so on. At the end of it all i.e.[phase one] I can say from the messages ,the props, the interest to be involved and hype we were receiving ,it served the purpose of which I wanted which was to contribute to the Hip Hop culture and create a new way of mixtapes, i.e...One verse each, MC with their own different beat.

Why the title “The Last MCs”? How many “The Last MCs” projects are there? What criteria did you use to know who will feature in which series of the project?

LAST MCs. It was initially to go by the name The Lost Mc Tapes but found the title was almost similar to a Nas album. So in my mind I envisioned as if if someone wanted to listen to the Hip Hop vibe of the golden age, this is where you can catch some of that vibe. My plan was and still is any and every Hip Hop MC who wants to be in it…It’s as easy as delivering as dope fire verse and that’s it.in any language…You are in..

Like its said…Hip Hop is universal.

One of the tracks that you produced, Conjestina helped bag Jaykah Mtwengwa an award from Micshariki for the month of August 2022. How did this make you feel?

The feeling was tremendous, I was very excited especially because of the fact it was only I think the third or fourth track I had made for him. The recognition he received even prompted me to produce even more and more tracks for Jaykah and there is even talks of like a full album. It also prompted us to put him as the main artist in Last MCs Volume 9 all due to that recognition from Micshariki.

Any projects coming up from you with either Jaykah, any of The Last MC's or anyone else?

Yes. There is a Hip Hop album in the works by the GytoSneed duo of Tejja and Hamasa, which will also feature tracks from MtuReal, Jaykah Mtengwa, LeftArm, V Vid Ideaz and others.

Co currently also in the drafting out stages of MtuReal’s album most likely release early next year.

In addition, the Second Phase of the Last MCs [Volume 10 – 18] is already in the recording stages.

Apart from Hip Hop projects I recently got to hear one RnB project that you produced; Oceans Of Storms by Annie Davids…tell us about more about the type of music that you produce…

Yes, am an all-round producer, other than Hip Hop , am also very versatile in other genres of Music, i.e. R&B. The Ocean Of Storms LP by Annie Davids and the sub genres of Hip Hop like trap. Lots of trap artists on the label too and and other genres trapsoul, amapiano and afros, films orchestra soundtracks etc. 

When it comes to film/visuals what are some either of the projects that you have worked on individually or as part of team?

Most of the visuals /Films/videos I have done are mostly music videos for some of the artists that I work with. Currently we are involved in the pre filming stages of a new short film series called Block 66, which will be available before the end of the year 2023

Why the obsession of Hip Hop music/beats/boombap beats? Where do you draw your inspiration from and which producers inspires you the most…

As much as am all round producer Hip Hop is where the heart is, its where when I start making beats, the ideas and limitless and the vibe never stops!

My most notable influences when it comes to Hip Hop are the likes of Dr. Dre, DJ Premier, J Dilla ,RZA, 9th Wonder, Havoc ,Pete Rock, No ID, Kanye West, Alchemist, Timbaland, Just Blaze and outside Hip Hop its producers like Hans Zimmer, Quincy Jones, BabyFace, Bryan Micheal Cox, Darc Child, the list is endless..

When it comes to your creative process, how do you approach this line when a client comes to work with you?

The vibe has to match with the client’s because you have to have the right creative atmosphere to create a masterpiece. I generally take like the first 20 minutes just to talk with the client, vibe out and slowly transition into the creative process. At the end of it all, they feel involved in the production of the track and the creative process.

Moreover, when it is not one on one…most artists will just let you know what they want to express on a track and tell you to create a track on that vibe and send it…

What are the challenges that you face as an artist and how do you deal with them?

The number one challenge for any artist is that it will always seem like there are gatekeepers to the industry, and make it look hard for you to make your mark but persistence and consistency is the key.

We live in a technological age where everyone has access to showcase their work on countless platforms, so you just have to find the target market for what you doing and push it there…

The era of an artist’s success depending on radio play is ending.

What are your tools of trade as a producer and do you play any instruments?

Instruments, keyboard piano, drums, most string instruments…
Reason propellerhead, avid pro tools
Akai pro
FL studio, audition, logic pro…

Final thoughts?

God first, everything else after. If you believe, you can achieve.
In addition, for all the artists and producers out there…you got to work to get it, and twice as much to keep it!

Social media handles, contacts and where can we find your projects?

Instagram: @kxng_x_o
Instagram: @aspire_entertainment_

Various projects

@AudioMack/Soundclound/Youtube/Itunes etcs


Shukran sana for your time kaka.

Thank you for having me Micshariki Africa.