Igee Africa he of the ‘Mambo Bado’ mixtapes has come of age. This year he was on boarded on a project by Musiq Jared who gave us the the album ‘Motivation’ to give us ‘Motivation 2’ together with the ‘Hapa Bars Tu’ emcee from Mombasa.

We reached out to him to talk about his new project.

First things first, Who Is Igee Afrika?

Igee Afrika is an artist doing Afro Hip Hop music, he is a songwriter and an actor.

Musiq Jared featured you on ‘Motivation’ album, how did it all start?

First, I was featured on ‘Motivation 1’ in 2023 on a record called ‘Life Lessons’ it was a dope project working on. Later on Musiq Jared called me to be part of ‘Motivation 2’ as a main artist, I was equal to the task I was ready to make it happen. I thank Musiq Jared for believing in my grind.

How does it feel working with Careem alongside you?

Working with Careem has been a challenge to me, I was to blend with his style to make the best music. It was my first time working with an artist from the Coast Region (Mombasa) so I also had to learn a lot from him.

What does it mean it to you having some of the top tier rappers and singers onboard?

Having top tier singers and rappers on a track is a big blessing to me. I am glad to have worked with these talented creatives.

Are there specific messages or stories you aimed to convey to your audience through the songs on this LP?

Yes sure, we had specific themes we hard to talk about including mental health, fatherhood, love and money. We had to educate and to encourage the society at the same time we making music.

Did you experiment with any new styles or genres in this project, or did you stick to a particular musical signature?

No I haven't experimented any new genre on this project I've been working with boombap beats for a while now.

Can you highlight any standout tracks that hold personal significance for you?

‘Escape (Ondokea)’ means a lot to me, I talked about how I was fighting depression and ADHD while in high school. ‘Habiba’ I wrote while being in a love mood, it's a special track to me and is based on  a true story by the way.

How would you describe the evolution of your sound in this new project compared to your previous work?

I feel I have improved in terms of production quality from my previous two albums. This is all I needed now.

How do you envision your fans reacting to the new album, and what kind of impact do you hope it will have?

This album already has an impact to me .I have gained a new fan base, I have been growing gradually lately.

Did you face any challenges or breakthrough moments during the creative process of this EP?

There are times I am down and most of the time being creative to me is a challenge. But I have ways to unwind this by working out or sleeping to refresh my mind.

What do you want listeners to take away from the overall listening experience of your upcoming project?

I want my listeners to be entertained, to be educated and to be inspired by this album. Music has power to move masses.

Any shout outs to all those played a role in the making of 'Motivation 2'?

A big shout out to Everyone that took part in making the album. I appreciate their efforts for making ‘Motivation 2’ a success.

Parting Shot?

Let us keep streaming ‘Motivation 2’ on all DSPs. It is an amazing project for real. Keep following me on every social media platforms too.