Kash Forever

Kash Forever is an entertainer, media personality, a professional deejay, event organizer and MC.

For those who don’t know you, who Is Kash?

Kash, in one word, is an entertainer. I have been into music for as long as I can remember and started recording after high school, heavily influenced by Hip Hop and rap. Other than that, I am a media personality, a professional deejay, event organizer and MC.

You were using Kash Grindhauz as your artistic name but you dropped 'Grindhauz', was It due to rebranding or?

I was not rebranding. I was separating the company from myself. Grindhauz is actually a record label and management company, so i felt like i needed to let it run as an independent entity. That is why i changed to Kash Forever.

You are the founder of Reel Nation. Tell us more about it

Reel Nation is a company I started with a couple of people I used to work with back in 2022 to focus mainly on events. The people later moved to other commitments and I decided to pick it up and solidify it. As of now, Reel Nation is what I am working under and pushing to put it out there.

You have dropped a new EP dubbed 'Not For Sale'. How many tracks does is it have and what inspired this project?

‘Not For Sale’ is a 5-track EP that I released on 15th of January 2024. Towards the end of 2020, I got a job in media after Covid slowed down the entertainment scene and I took a much-needed break from music. My experiences since then and what I learnt over the 3 years are what inspired my new EP.

You worked With Sam C on the entire project, how did you people meet?

I met Sam C back in 2016. I had gone home (Kisii) for the festivities and while there, I linked up with a studio known as 'Black M'. At the time, Vinc On The Beat was the main producer there. I worked on some projects with him and he introduced me to another producer who happened to be Sam C. Years later, in 2022, I linked up with Sam C again and ended up doing a single, 'Endelea' that became a big hit. Finally, when I was ready to get back into music in late 2023, it was only right that I work with him, and he is very talented.

Are there any specific messages or stories you aim to convey to your audience through the songs in the EP?

My EP is more like a book, an audio version at that. I have no commercial records on it. It is more of a wakeup call and a documentation of what I have learnt so far. If you are in that space, this EP will serve as guide and that is why it is not for sale.

Did you experiment with any new styles or genres in this project, or did you stick to a particular musical signature?

I actually went back to basics on this one. My mother genre is Hip Hop and on this specific project, I chose to go with Boombap because as I said, this is more of a book than your usual musical project and the best way to convey the message is to not to complicate it.

Can you highlight any standout tracks that hold personal significance for you?

My personal favorite is the theme song 'Not For Sale' it came out exactly as I had it pictured. Throughout my journey, I have come across record deals and offers that promise to elevate my brand at the expense of my creativity, my sound, my allegiance and so on and trade it for fame and the so called "making it" its a delicate topic but someone had to speak on it. A lot of young talent fall for it and end up regretting later. Listen to my EP and stay woke.

How would you describe the evolution of your sound in this new project compared to your previous work?

I think my sound is more mature now. I have better content and a completely new vibe that I think taking a break opened up. I also feel I am in a space right now that requires me to share experiences, tell stories and paint pictures, rather than do club and party music. I did that in my twenties, now in my thirties it is deeper than rap.

How do you envision your fans reacting to the new album, and what kind of impact do you hope it will have?

This is not something I was previously used to. I used to be all about party and boastful vibes, claiming king and egocentric lyrics... so I think fans are in for a treat this time round. I am hoping they embrace the growth and travel with me to this new realm. I hope they pick on the lessons and embrace the space I am in right now.

Did you face any challenges or breakthrough moments during the creative process of this EP?

Breakthrough, yes. It is as if the project delivered itself. I remember the first song I recorded off the EP was ‘Ngoma Flani’ I had just picked up Sam C and we were at the parking lot listening to the instrumental, and the song just brought itself out. We drove to studio and recorded it. That evening, I knew it was time for a full project. No challenges at all.

What do you want listeners to take away from the overall listening experience of ‘Not For Sale EP’?

Take the lessons, especially the last track ‘Pushing P’ pure honesty. The quality in the EP is top notch, delivery is next level, easy to comprehend and vibe with. There is also something for the ladies "you got me" has a mellow essence and vulnerability to it. The EP is indeed something legit.

Any shout outs to all those played a role in the making of the EP?

First I got to give it up to the Almighty, everyday above ground is a blessing. Big shout out to Sam C, Kibagendi Barrz & Sarange on the features. Then Sam C, Konki, Relay, G Dash, Videz & Charcoal on production. Republik Empire, Simba Music & E-Generation studios. Musiq Jared on promo and finally, the good folks at Grindhauz Entertainment & Reel Nation.

Parting Shot?

I will leave you with 4 bars from the last song on my E.P;

"Its not about richness, aim ni kua wealthy/
Shuglikia na fitness, lazima tuishi healthy/
Wao husemaga time is the only luxury/
Usiwe umezubaa juu ikizidi haina recovery” ~ Kash - Pushing P