Kreva MK

Micshariki Africa linked up with up and coming emcee Kreva MK to talk about his passion for music and using it as a tool to speak for his community.

Who Is Kreva MK?

Kreva MK is a Kenyan based entrepreneur investing his time and energy in rap music, with a music label called BROKOD KLAN MUSIC.

Why did you decide to use Kreva MK as your artistic name?

The first name Kreva stands for a person with cravings ...then MK stands for Mr. Kreva, meaning I was Kreva before I became Mk.

For how long have you been in the game?

I started rapping when I was 15  years but that was freestyling... thereafter high school in 2019 up to date I've been gaming, so that's 4 years now.

You are a student. How do you manage to balance music and studies?

It is all about having a routine and this comes from working out every day… For me I started working out as a kid, moreover I am a footballer part time. Tthis makes it easier for me to plan my schedule so that everything runs smoothly.

How has your background and life experiences influenced your music?

On this, I have to be more specific. I am a ghetto-raised boy. My Dad died when I was barely 4 years so I grew up with my Mom only. As you know, living in the trenches is a nightmare itself because most times the youth end up idle leading to crimes and drug abuse. This makes me hungry of change in those neighborhoods .meaning I have to commit myself to empowering the youths through my rap music.

Are there any specific artists or genres that have had a significant impact on your style?

Yes, there are many artists that influence my style but to shortlist, Scar Mkadinali and King Von has hada lot of impact on my style.

Kindly share with us your creative process. How you come and how you come up with your rhymes?

About my pen game, I am always thinking of the problems the youths together with the community are facing. I also relate to the stories of somethings I witnessed while growing up. This makes it easy for my rhymes and flows.

What do you think sets your music apart from others in the rap industry?

I cannot say that my music is much different from other rappers in Kenya but for me I always try to touch on the deep stories to empower the youth around the country, both in the ghetto and rural areas.

How do you navigate the balance between staying true to your artistic vision and meeting commercial expectations?

As I said before am an entrepreneur.  I am also a student of commerce. Day to day I try to create cash flow to fund my music and this puts me on toes to look for more money, nevertheless I know my rap style empowers my peers so I have to keep doing it.

Can you share the inspiration behind your latest song 'Dedan Kimathi', which you have featured Brokod Klan & Amuh Jr.

Dedan Limathi is a legend in the Kenyan history books as a fighter of our independence and that is the inspiration behind the song. In this song, I am trying to tell the youths to keep hustling for their dreams and goals and at the same time am telling the youths to avoid political distractions.

How do you view the role of social and political issues in your music, if at all?

The social issues in my music plays a significant role because my creativity is geared on the daily interaction and events around me. The political issues does not play any role.

Are there any collaborations with other artists that you dream of doing in the future?

No, I have no dream.

You have dropped an Album 'Mashujaa', Tell us something about it and where can your fans get it.

“Mashujaa” is an album talking about Kenya's Independence, political background, current politics, developments and the effects of politics on Kenyan citizens.

How do you engage with your fans, and what role do they play in your career?

I engage with my fans through performances and posts on my social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. My fans play a big role in my music because they tend to keep me going for more.

What’s next for Kreva MK?

I have an an Extended Playlist [EP] thati s]is dropping soon and is called “The Legend” and this is dedicated to my brother the late Jones Kaveli who was the first person to take me to a music recording studio. Better stay tuned.

Parting shot?

Thanks all for your time. To get my music on search Kreva MK or Brokod Klan on all platforms .