Msema Qweli

The Kenyan music is growing day by day and Kenyan rappers have been putting their best foot forward to take it over.

They say, the underground scene is where the real deal is. The list of Kenyan artists is growing by the day and today I will take you to Tana River County to meet one their top rapper Msema Qweli.

Early Life

Ian Dullu Gwiyo populaly known as Msema Qweli was born in Garsen and grew up in Mombasa. He started his Primary School at Sparki Primary School before returning to Tana River, Maua Primary School to do his KCSE, (a tradition adopted by most of Tana River Parents, even the current Senator, Hon. Danson Buya Mungatana studied in Mombasa before returning to Arap Moi Primary School in Ngao, to do his A level exam).

He proceeded to Madogo Secondary School and completed his High School studies in 2016.

While at Madogo Secondary school his passion for music grew and he began sharpening his rapping skills. Msema Qweli is talented, he can sing, rap, and act.


Msema Qweli is credited for the introduction of Hip Hop in Tana River County, diverting from the popular 'Bongo Lela' now Bongo Music in Tana River County and Coast at large.

He started doing music back when he was still in Primary School 2009, his first song was Walisema a rap song which was well received by 'Tanarians' music lovers.

So far he has recorded and released singles such Malaika featuring Rero-T, Wataisoma featuring Sir-G, So Fine, Anayo featuring Fred Abio, Kachi Ni Mdera featuring Mad Madola. Pokomo remains his huge success.

The song gave him the chance to perform at Miss Tana River County in 2014 curtain raising for Otile Brown. He has also performed at Marereni, Tarasaa, Garsen, Minijila, Garissa Show grounds, Nairobi at the bomb blast memorial site during the Pokomo cultural nights, Mombasa Nyali, Jumeirah among other places.

He has been invited for interviews at Vox FM (formally Amani FM) by popular radio host Kula Nzomo in his Mzima Show, also he has been interviewed at Tana FM, Kaya FM, Sifa FM, Sauti ya Pwani.


Msema Qweli music is influenced by Migos, Khaligraph Jones, Mwana FA, Kanye West, Puff Daddy, King Kaka, E-Sir, Professor Jay, T.I, Eminem, Caspar Nyovest, M.I,  Sarkodie, Nasty-C, Young Killer, Fid-Q, Roma Mkatoliki, John Makini, Niki Mbishi, Rojo-Mo, Kaa La Moto, Bingwa Odinareh, Ohmz Law Montana, and many others.

He gets inspiration from Khaligraph Jones, both in music and in life, "Growing from the hood, failing exams, not be able to join college but making it in life and music isn't a joke, right now he is an international artist. To me he is my mentor."

Msema Qweli has been praised for his ability to flow in both English, Kiswahili and Pokomo. His music is defined as having frequent stylistic shifts and different musical approaches. He can rap fast, slow and sing, change to any music genre to make music lovers yearn for more.

Pokomo is ranked as the number one rap song in Tana River County and has been in the loocal FM stations playlists for a while now.

Future Plans

Msema Qweli has been working on numerous projects, these unreleased songs include Hood Ya Ngori featuring AB, The Beast, First Press, Ngwena, Pombe (Amapiano song), Nsimbo Ya Haju' featuring Sir-G. He is planning to release them soon.

When we contacted him, he said, he is praying this year he be featured in the Door Knockers Cyphers and Khaligraph Jones Khali Cartel Cypher.

His dream is to work with Reagan Dandy, Double Trouble, Wala Mamba Crew, Khaligraph Jones, Katapila, Tricks, King Kaka, Lil Felly, Trio Mio, Boutross, Lon Jon, Shukid, Xtatic, Wangeshi, Karun, Nikita Kering, Lil Felly, Elisha Elai, Brooklyn Boyz, Rekles, Tee Hit, Susumila, Steph Kapela, Rojo Moh, Reagan Dandy and many others.

He is planning to release videos for the already released singles, try his hand in acting career in local soaps "Nitajaribu niiingie kwa kuigiza kwa vipindi" loosely translated to "I will try to act in local soaps".

On top of that, he will try sharpening his music production skills as he a pianist at local church called Garsen Methodist Church.

Social media & Music Links

You can follow Msema Qweli in social media for updates and listen/watch his music by following the links

YouTube: Msema Qweli KE
Instagram: official_msemaqweli
Facebook: Msema Qweli(Pokomo Celeb)
Mdundo: Msema Qweli