Wimbo: Gold
Toka kwa: Monski ft Trabolee, Manif3sto, Xenia Manasseh
Mradi: Gold Album
Tarehe iliyotoka: 20.012.2020
Mtayarishaji: Epistra
Mixing & Mastering: Michy Frank
Studio: Mimic Studio

Verse one - Monski

F@#k all the fables, in the end, I got you/
Look at all the junk and the sh#t they taught you/
8 minus 4 minus 4 you count to?/
They don't even know anything about you/
So they took it upon em, their mission to box you/
Say they giving u skills, but it feels like the robbed you/
Maybe they scared yo, maybe they doubt you/
Ur not gonna blow but, it feels like u bout to/
So I hop to the booth/
Rather talk to the youth/
Coz they got the vision, u ain't seeing the view/
Am trying to, battle my demons while these haters are scheming/
Trying to pull me to the dark but my nigga we beaming/
Yo, my ngga we winning/
I just found my meaning/
All those years of dreaming/
I'll just stick to this road/
I'll just stick to my vote/
Shit get hard we cope/
And every day is a blessing, every day we toast, let's make a toast!/

Hook – Xenia

If you look into my eyes, you can recognize my soul,
And if you listen to my words you can recognize this gold,
We're only meant to go higher,
Yhey can never put out this fire.:

Verse 2 - Trabolee

Meditated in spaces/
I took the pen and erased (raced) em/
Inside these cages, I'm breaking/
God, he pushed me through breakage/
How amazing that grace is/
Your vibration was jaded/
I Never questioned my greatness/
Bookmark the pages I painted/
Manifested my statements/
True raps recorded my cadence/
Look back at all that patience/
Who that?/
Tell your favourite I'm A-List/
Shakaza bootstraps/
Me ndo ma-lenga nyi aimless/
We Connected to Ancients/
Mansa Musa kwa matrix/
No ruhusa to take this/
Jipe fursa for blessings/
Gotta look up ka facelift/
Pumua shuksha wakinusa the fake ish/
Chunguza lugha shahachìsha the playlists/
Punguza pupa songesha nukta kwa payslip/

And how I get it is all upon me/
It's how you tell it don't rush the glory/
Ka Huoni mbele you back up homie /
(Tra !)/

Verse 3 – Manif3esto

Are u ready 2 die 4 ur freedom, go Biko/
We complicate life when ngga it's so simple/
Judge em by the cover the truth we all equal/
Judge em by the lugha the truth we all people/
Seen a Kenyan on Forbes seen a Kenyan no clothes/
It’s a gamble, you don't choose ur cards play ur role/
Stressing when u down but u flexing when you blow/
We started from the ground my ngga do u know?/
But u don't even know about ur history/
See they changed the story u came from glory/
Coz we've been here longer than Egyptian stories/
All that first white man sh#t to be here bores me/
Now they switching their tone say they loving ma tone/
U know that melanin got em calling my phone/
We buzzin, am just another fly black man's cousin/
They hate they can suck it, I stay above it./