Nafsi Huru

Nafsi Huru is a creative arts practitioner, emcee, DJ and graphics designer who even though is currently based in Nairobi is from Magongo, Mombasa. After having been in the rap game for over a decade and having drop some mixtapes and a compilation album, Nafsi decided to serenade his fans with a well-crafted album called Uhuru Wa Nafsi.

We reached out to Nafsi so that we could talk to him about him musical journey and his critically acclaimed album.

We reached out to Nafsi so that we could talk to him about him musical journey and his critically acclaimed album.

Welcome to Micshariki Africa kaka Nafsi Huru. First things first; who is Nafsi Huru? What are your government names, what do you do and where do you reside?

Shukran for having me. My official names are Musa Adam. Nafsi Huru is a creative arts practitioner, a Musician, DJ, designer and humanitarian based in Nairobi Kenya but originally from Magongo, Mombasa

Tell us a bit about yourself, where were you born and bred, where did you go to school and how was your childhood growing up?

I grew up in Magongo in the west coast of Mombasa went to Highgate Academy for my elementary education graduated to Allidina Visram High School and did my Bachelors in Commerce (Marketing option) at the University of Nairobi.

How did your artistic name Nafsi Huru come about and what does it mean?

Nafsi Huru means free soul and the name came about as a revelation and I found it as a perfect description of who I am.

Why did you make the musical migratory shift to Nairobi just like many of your predecessors before you like Ukoo Flani? And speaking of Ukoo Flani how big an influence were they to your musical career? What was it like growing to not only listening to them but also watching them before your very eyes?

Moved to Nairobi because of school and coincidentally it happened at the same time Ukoo Flani were recording their album Kaya Hip Hop and they hosted me for a while at their home in Ngara before I found my place. It was one of the greatest experiences ever seeing the whole creative process behind the project and simply interacting with them was higher learning. Ukoo Flani Mau Mau remains to be my biggest influence in music.

What is the current state of Hip Hop in Mombasa, Kenya and East Africa as we speak? Is it in a good place?

Hip Hop is in a good place and can only get better with time since growth is the only constant in life.

What are some of the projects that you have released be it EPs, Mixtapes and albums and when were they released?

I released my 1st mixtape in 2012 Nafsi Huru then Happy People mixtape a collabo with Mohjay Mohteachin, then did Ulimwengu Mixtape then Hali Halisi Mixtape and I was featured majorly in Year of Return EP by Soul Purpose and One Vibe Africa and now Uhuru Wa Nafsi album.

You have worked with the critically acclaimed producer Chzn Brain in many projects and also in your recently released album, how was your experience working with him?

Chzn Brain is one of the best producers we have in Africa. I admire his passion and commitment in creating master pieces for the longest time and I was privileged to have come from the same hood with the legend and that’s how we got to work together with ease.

Apart from being a musician what do you do to put food on the table?

Am basically an artist and get paid of different art forms. I’m also a DJ and radio host at Icon Radio, a writer with the People Daily magazine, a director at Hurulogics International, a graphic designer and an entrepreneur.

Kindly tell us about your organization Hip Hop Hook Up and Hurulogics International, what are they all about?

Hip Hop Hook Up was a performance platform, open market and workshops for Hip Hop acts. Hurulogics International is my business element handling all my transactions and businesses, all my products are under Hurulogics international.

Tell us your inspiration about your clothe label? How did this idea come about and how have the fans embraced this product?

My cloth line has been in existence for 8 years now. The reception has been impressive and am grateful to have diversified the brand. We have just introduced a new line from the Uhuru Wa Nafsi album that we will be releasing to the general public soon.

In Kenya there are few or even no Hip Hop events for fans to enjoy shows from their Hip Hop emcees, how do you as an artist solve this problem so that you can give your fans a good Hip Hop show?

I have been actively organizing events and creating platforms for Hip Hop artists since Hip Hop Hook Up days to the recent Tribe 43, and Roysambu Festival.

Tell us something about your recently released album Uhuru Wa Nafsi. What was it all about, who were the producers involved, artists featured and what song is your best in there?

Uhuru wa Nafsi is an album telling my stories, capturing different emotions and perspectives with live musical elements to complement the Swazi Pop sound.

The album was mainly produced by Ananda A world with contributions from Arkishpro Music, Addi Beats and Chzn Brain. Album was mixed and mastered by Chzn Brain at Wanene Studios Tanzania.

What about the artwork of your project Uhuru Wa Nafsi, how did it come about, what does it signify and who created the same?

Album art was painted by Jonari Arts from Mombasa symbolizing balance with the Ying Yang concept and African symbols of balance and harmony.

What inspired you in writing your classic song Ukweli and how did its success impact your musical career?

Ukweli was a reflection of my feelings and observations at that phase of my life and remains to be one of my best pieces that cements my name as a lyricist, life documentarian and source of inspiration for many.

What next after Uhuru Wa Nafsi?

Definitely more quality music, performances, community programs and more.

As we wind up what advice would you like to give to the upcoming artists and youth in East Africa?

Upcoming artists should keep investing in their craft, maintain discipline and approach art strategically.

Any final shouts outs?

Shout out to everyone who has supported the movement in anyway, all the producers and all the fans buying and streaming the music. Much love to Chzn Brain for the topnotch sound engineering, and thanks to my producers Ananda, Arkish, Addi, my team and visual directors my family stay blessed.

Finish off by sharing with us your socials.

Facebook: Nafsi Huru
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Twitter: @NafsiHuru