Nem R

Nem R is a soulful singer and a hardcore rapper from Nairobi Kenya. She uses her vocals, lyricism, and style to create refreshing melodies and flows. She is a genre-less artist because she enjoys experimenting with music on all levels. Most of all, she considers herself as a songwriter, a natural musician and a poet. This shows from songs like System Ya Majango, Intentions ft. Kitu Sewer, Fight and many more of her music.

Working with various creatives like Wale Matwins, Ricco Beatz and Yes Academy Kenya has given her the confidence and experience she needs to test on her diversity.  She is a deep thinker and she express herself through music. Music to her is life. She has a series of Ep's dubbed AREA which launched in May 2022. AREA 1 and AREA 2 are out on all platforms. Each AREA is released quarterly and contains 3 songs each. This is a testament to "Estate In Wonderland" the concept behind it; that she bought an estate in Wonderland and these are the AREAs.

Welcome to Micshariki Africa, could you please give us a brief history about yourself, your real names and how it all started when it comes to music?

My name is Neema Nasirumbi aka Nem R. I was born in Eldoret Kenya in a ghetto called Langas (Langa). Music has always been a part of my life since I was a kid, I think. I remember a lot of singing and art growing up.  My mum used to teach us songs and sing to us. She forced us to act the birth of Jesus every Christmas and Sarafina was our favorite family movie; and I guess all that music had a strong influence on me. In high school I was in like 7 choirs and this helped me grow musically. I always knew I would be a musician one day so that's who I've always been.

Do you have a musical background or it’s something that came naturally?

I can say both because I was born with a nice voice but for most of my life I was neither a good singer nor trying to be one. I just had great taste in music and I loved singing; I just didn't consciously know it at that time that I could be one of the greats. In high school is where I met amazing singers and I learned to sing all the voices and I wrote my songs but I didn't believe in them. I can say my talent really grew in campus because I sang every day and I became more confident, so my natural talents began showing and growing like lyricism and melody.

How is your creative process like?

I have several processes. Sometimes I record random melodies on my phone without a beat just anywhere. Other times I need to focus, listen to some beats and choose one to write on; and sometimes I just put beats on shuffle and freestyle stuff, record it and it turns out dope. I actually have long moments of silence, rest and meditation so I stay fresh.

You were so busy last year, 2022. What are some of the things you have managed to achieve?

Yeah man. Jah blessings. It all started with Yes Academy Kenya by Voices of America at the end of 2021: where I made an impact on big names like DJ Invisible, Richard Streightner & Farbeon, who are now my mentors, then I moved to Nairobi and beautiful things started happening. I did a creative business course funded by HEVA Fund and GIZ which gave me great links in the game; We did Door Knockers Cyphers (DKC 2) which was fire. I linked with the legendary Kitu Sewer on several projects, I have been on 4 cyphers set to drop in 2023, I released my EP series AREA 1 & AREA 2 and 6 other singles. Yo, I could fill two pages with 2022 manze. Big up to all the people who've been supporting me, wagwan. And big tunes in 2023 my fans.

You did work with the legendary Kitu Sewer, what does this mean to your career?

Wow what a question! I can't say I know the exact answer to that but the experience of Kitu Sewer being my fan is still settling in my brain. I've gotten a little bit of street “cred” from it you know. I see people treating me with a little more respect because of it you know, they're a little afraid of me I don't know. I like it.

What have you learned from Kitu Sewer?

I've learned that his love for music is real and it can push your motivation for ages plus your perspective about it. Kitu Sewer is always motivated and always in the zone for creating. He's like a well of Hip Hop yo. It's so amazing to watch him work. Whatever inspires him has never died.

It isn’t easy for the ladies especially in the creative industry, what are some of the challenges you have faced?

I mean I've gone through a couple of challenges but I have grown through them. For example the pressure due to to female sex appeal is a problem everywhere not just in the music industry. Am a beast, I cut off bad energy quick, fast and I tend to stay in my lane and on the low so as to avoid people who are trying to use me. I also educate myself about the music business and trust my 6th sense about people. Am antisocial.

Apart from music, what else do you do?

Most of my life is built around music. Aside from my professional career I am a freelance songwriter. I write music for small businesses, podcasts, vlogs and independent film makers and ad agencies. I also write short stories and cartoon plays. I also paint and draw for my startup "NOT PICASSO"

You were part of Door Knockers Cypher Episode 2, what’s your take on initiatives like these?

I think they're great. They help artists grow through the platform and promotes them to new audiences. They are also good for networking and street credibility which is great for an upcoming rapper.

Word to your fans out there?

I wanna tell my fans I love them; and I think about them a lot. I hope to have many chances to meet them in 2023 yo through live performances, however it will be man. I'll keep the fire burning manze. I appreciate that they love my music and it does something to them. Feel free to holla at me yoh!!!

Advice to young girls who want to be rappers just like you?

I would tell them to follow their dreams, work hard and enjoy the process. Also get some music business education it will help you retain a good name and brand as well as grow your perspective. Always aim higher and keep your head up because it can really get tough out here.

2023 is here, whats next for Nem R?

Yo Inshallah, big things man. Big things for real. Ya'll should watch out for AREA 3, 4, and 5; a Mixtape and many collaborative projects with artists like Sela Ninja, Kitu Sewer, King Khadija and so many more. You know how we do. Drop music like sun rays. Whatever fate has prepared for lil mama I'll partake

Anybody you want to shout out?

I wanna shout out my brother Joe Impressions who has been doing my song covers and audio visuals, Wale Matwins who have been a great team and my fans yo. How can I forget Mtaa LANGA where I was born and raised. And lastly everyone who mentors me and has invested in me this year and believed in me, thank you!

Your Social Media handles?

YouTube: Nem R
Instagram: Nem.r_muzik
Twitter: Nemr_muzik

Parting Shot?

"Follow the chances and watch the windows fly wide open"- Nem R