Nevo is an upcoming emcee from Nairobi who is currently working on his debut album, which is slated to be released later this year. Apart from rapping Nevo is a performing artist, photographer, videographer, mentor and loves working in community development projects.

Welcome to Micshariki Africa brother Nevo. We last touched based when you released your first EP 'Enzi Zetu'. How have you been since then?

I have been good, just working on some projects here and there. Most of my focus though has been on working on my debut album. I have also been working more on collaborations and Eps, which are out on all streaming platforms

Introductions first, who is Nevo? Take it back to how it all began with you...where did you school in primary, secondary and maybe tertiary level?

Nevo is a Hip Hhop artist from Umoja, Nairobi, Kenya. Officially, my real name is Neville Mulama, Nevo is a derivative from my first name. I was born and raised in Nairobi, where I have spent majority of my life.

I started school at Fadhili Academy in Umoja before finishing primary at Bidii Primary School in Buruburu where I managed to pass and got called to attend Kapsabet High School. This was the only time in my life I have lived outside Nairobi for a long period but it was an experience I will never forget. Afterwards, I joined the University of Nairobi where I pursued Journalism and Mass communication, to which I graduated with a Second-Class Upper Division Honors

How and when did this music bug bite you?

Music has always been a part of my life ever since I was born. Growing up in an African setting, I spent most of my time with different relatives who all loved playing music. From an early age, I was exposed to all sorts of genres and I resonated with most of them. I was a sharp child and so most of the time I could easily master the lyrics I heard from a young age.

Initially, I loved Reggae and Dancehall more than anything else but as I grew older, my love for Hip Hop became stronger. The very first time it hit me I could pursue music was when I was in class 6. I composed some of my first bars back then and used to rap for my friends in class but at the time, it was all fun and games.

I officially knew I would be in the music scene when I was thirteen years of age back in Form One, as this was when I first tried performing a piece I had written in front of the whole school during the talent show search at the end of the year. Anxiety got the better part of me though and I choked on stage but that did not stop my dream as it taught me it was possible to actually do it. Since then, I have been constantly writing songs trying to improve one track at a time.

Who are some of the rappers who inspired you both locally and internationally?

Locally, I draw inspiration from Nyashinski and Wakadinali. I also love Fena Gitu, MDQ, Khaligraph and Octopizzo. At the international level, I'm inspired by some of the Hip Hop greats like Nas, Jay Z, Snoop Dogg, Outkast, Black Thought, Wu Tang and Mobb Deep. At the moment I also draw inspiration from J Cole, Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West.

You initially came into my radar when we did the first season of Door Knockers Cyphers. How did you come on board and what was your experience teaming up with the different artists from the region?

I knew of the Door Knockers Cypher through Brima Maovete and Musiq Jared. He had come to record an episode at Icon Studio and I was in charge of shooting the video. At the time, I had been making music for slightly over a year and saw the initiative as a good chance to increase my catalogue. After a few months, I was finally given the chance to feature on it and the experience was incredible. Everyone did his or her part well and to me that is the best episode so far!

How many projects have you released so far be it EP's mixtapes or albums. Kindly share with us their names and dates of release.

So far, I have officially worked on five projects: ‘Enzi Zetu Ep’, ‘Enzi Zao Ep’, ‘Distinction EP’ featuring my brother, Yvng Lawd. I also did a joint LP with Sekoh Icg called Sinful Sonatas and a joint Ep called ‘Chronicles Of A Loverboy’ which is the latest project in my catalogue.

I have seen you work with emcee Shazzy B, Sekoh IcG and producer Lil' Datchy. How did you guys start working together and what is the experience like working with such talented guys?

They are amazing and incredible artists first. We used to work with Lil Datchy at Icon Studios since 2022. From the first day, we clicked and ever since then he has been the main producer for all of my works.

We also met with Sekoh and Shazzy B at the same studio, though during different occasions. For Shazzy, she had come to do a cypher and she had the best verse of them all, so naturally I was interested in working with such dope talent.

Sekoh had come to finish his album: ‘Sekoh Mode 2’ when I met him in studio. We clicked from the first day and we actually did a song called ‘African Juice’. Working with them has been an amazing experience as our energies naturally align with each other.

There is a lot I have picked up from them that have greatly contributed to improving my sound and they deserve their flowers as early as now since they are really dope artists

Which other music producers have you worked with in your music journey?

There is Jotp 254, Jojay Bless, 99 Mello, Coda, Mahanda, Dj H.o.t Keys as well as Dj Hitch

Apart from music I see that you are a also a photographer and videographer. Tell us more about his and how this brings out the best of you when it comes to your music.

I started out as a photographer way back in 2015. It was more of a hobby at first but as time went on I quickly improved on it before deciding to explore videography in 2019.

It makes it easier to work on music videos and creating content for my music as I have both the skill and equipment to do so. This helps a lot in saving funds and executing ideas exactly as I envision them when I make a song

Nevo - On Set

What are your thoughts about the current state of Kenyan Hip Hop music, are we on the right trajectory?

Hip Hop in Kenya is at the right place. There are so many talented acts out here and as time goes, more and more artists are getting the required recognition. We are on the right trajectory as more people are continuing to embrace it as a Kenyan sound, with the likes of Khaligraph and Octopizzo also helping in propelling us internationally. In no time, we will also be competing with SA in the African scene.

To diversify your income streams I also saw that you ventured into merchandising your brand. Tell us more about your merchandise, where our readers can get it and at how much?

The merchandise are for my very first project, ‘Enzi Zetu’. They are t-shirts available in black and white for only 1200/- and one can make a purchase order via WhatsApp; (+254) 0799128479

Nevo & SekohIcG with an "Enzi Zetu" branded t-shirt

As we wind up our talk what would  you like us to know about Nevo that we might not have asked you?

Nevo is also interested in other things such as mentorship works and community development projects. I also act and might probably pursue it later in life. Fun fact, if I wasn't in the media and entertainment industry, I would be a lawyer or a chef.

Where can our readers reach you on your socials and Dsps?

On social media and Dsps: Neville Mulama. On YouTube: NEVO

Thanks for your time kaka Nevo....

Thank you for having me