Nimoh Fururistic

As we already know the Hip Hop Kulture all over the world is largely dominated by men be it as supporters, emcees, graffiti artists, DJs or even break dancers. This reality has not hindered one Nimoh Futuristic who through her platform Sauti Za Mabinti has been doing her part to try and and change this narrative by assisting more ladies find there place within the Kulture.

Nimoh Futuristic is a young, jovial, innovative and creative lady who is self-driven and passionate about uplifting her fellow sisters to ensure that that they are not only heard but also seen in the music scene. We took our time to talk to Nimoh a self-confessed Hip Hop fanatic who hails from Nairobi Kenya and who through her work is empowering ladies musically and socially through her platform.

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Sauti Za Mabinti

First things first, introduce yourself to the Micshariki Africa audience, who is Nimoh Futuristic? Why the name Futuristic, how did the name come about and what does it signify?

Oh my who is Nimoh? (Hardest question ever). I never get this one lol…

Nimoh Futuristic is enthusiastic about the arts and culture. She works as a talent manager, event organizer, and television producer for the Bintilive Show for Women in Music. She is the founder of Sauti Za Mabinti, a women's empowerment initiative in the arts. I love Hip Hop music .It is my safe haven.

Nimoh came about when I was working at the the programs department - Kameme Fm. Short name for Wairimu, lol. I wanted to associate myself with revolutionary things and hence Futuristic came to be. Gadi Moja - Kalahari used to say, “So futuristic inafanya past na present zinatense”. I felt I identified more with the name hence Nimoh Futuristic. I’m very passionate about plugging artists with anything that can make them reach greater heights.

Give us a brief history on how your love for Hip Hop came about, especially Kenyan Hip Hop?

So you know how you look up to your older siblings and they happen to have a great taste in music - Hip-hop? Well, I have big brothers who are Hip-hop fans. So I fell in love with (G Funk and Gangsta Rap) and then fused it with Kenyan hip-hop.

Words and Pictures (WAPI), Rap Em', Greg Morey at Metro Fm, Muthoni Bwika, and Eve Dsouza were all major influences. Through networking, I was able to connect with Hip Hop artists such as Hip Hop Addicts, Micworms, Shado 32 Records, and the artists Ukoo flani Mau Mau, Kantai, Necessary Noize, and all.

Being the founder of Sauti Za Mabinti, are there any partners that you have worked with towards the building of the brand that you would love to acknowledge?

Carrol Njeri, Jomination (Jomino of course), Toni Blackman, Rhyme like a girl(New York), Kelly Greenlight (Thomas) Black Arts  Retreat (New Jersey ), Intronix Media Limited, Alliance Francaise -Nairobi, Wanayran Wanny Angerer - Moving Cultures, Thomas Mahondo from  Ngomma & PPPtv, Steve Waruta (Jomino) and mu uncle Joseph Muya.

So far so good, what are some of the achievements that are attributed to Sauti Za Mabinti?

Sauti Za Mabinti is a plug. I’m happy Veryl Mkali Wao connected with Level Next and they dropped an album Shadow of death.

I have organized International Women's Day with Alliance Francaise twice, Michael Joseph Centre, Pawa Cafe with Pawa254 and Turning Tables Kenya, Music Freedom Day with Turning Tables Kenya. I think they are many achievements being a plug for the artists .I am sure with time the achievements will be seen.

Do you only focus on Hip Hop music or all genres of music?

I started off with just Hip Hop music but now we’ve embraced all the conscious music, Afro fusion, Neo soul, Reggae, spoken word. All the Hip Hop elements.

How did your family react when they discovered that you were into the Hip Hop movement? Did they support you in what you were doing considering how the culture is portrayed negatively?

Well I told you earlier about my brothers and the love for Hip Hop music. Hip Hop was nothing new in our household. I first attended a Hip Hop event by Coolio at Carnivore grounds and it was my mum who paid for us. I met Kalamashaka and K-south for the first time. She was aware of 2Pac and and Biggy and that was the only music playing in the house .They are very supportive. They are my number 1 supporters. At the event I don't even hire someone at the tickets table because my family is always there to support. They helped me create a structure for Sauti Za Mabinti.

They know the passion I have for music. They are usually the first to buy my tickets. I’m truly grateful. My uncle allowed me to have an event in Nakuru where Abbas and Wakamba Wawili performed. They are very supportive. Sometimes even help me pay the musicians.

Sometimes they might not know all musicians but they understand my Sauti Za Mabinti initiative. I learned in this life you have to prove yourself to be taken seriously. So you show them what you are up to and also plan and progress. Some of my friends still don't get what I listen to but my passion is what drives me.

Last year you were part of the Unkut Africa Hip Hop Awards panel, what does it mean to you?

First of all I respect Ruby from Unkut (founder of Unkut Hip Hop Awards). She is a go getter. She reached out and was like let's do something. So we collaborated on Qingz Unkut Hip Hop Cypher. It shows unity amongst us ladies since we are not enough out here. We need more ladies to come on board.

I met Ruby during Big Mike's memorial and I really wanted to know how she goes about organizing the awards and that is how she added me into the team. I was happy in that I got to know so many new talented artists. If you know me I am old school. Unkut introduced me to the likes of Buruklyn Boyz, Double Trouble...I love them. I got to add more Hip Hop artists to my playlist. I was able to go research more on them and I really love these young ones. They are very talented.

I'm aware that you or Sauti Za Mabinti has a safe working space for female artists in Kenya. How did this come about and what are your motivations and goals for this safe space? How can female artists that are interested access this safe space?

COVID kicked in and a lot stalled. I’m currently working on having a safe space soon after the projects are set up then all will flow. I will let you know when we have a safe space. For now I’m working on workshops and events and will definitely invite you to visit.

What do you make of initiatives such as Door Knockers Cyphers and the role they play in not only uplifting Hip Hop from the East Africa region but also giving opportunities to female rappers too?

I love any initiative support/promoting the culture and I try to attend as many as possible. We need more of such platforms the more platforms we have the more artists will be motivated to drop gems. It's a cycle from the artists, producers, fans each one has a role to play since we all have different ideas. It’s not a competition. Support one another. Support everyone's project; no hate just spread the love. There is enough room for all of us and we share the same goal. Support the Hip Hop culture.

Love what they are doing. I get to know new artists from the DKC Cyphers.

When you sit down with female artists what are some the biggest challenges that they say they've faced and how can we as a society assist them in overcoming these challenges? What more can we do to have more female rappers rocking the mic?

Well studios. Some producers are great while others are out there to take advantage. Support our sisters don't harm them. It discourages them to do their craft, presenters as well but if there are more and more podcasts, TV shows and blogs events out here our ladies will be able to benefit.

Funding and management .If someone can fund Eps, albums, singles, something to push the women in music don't shy away.

Try to avoid making the ladies sex symbols, protect them. Judging them by looks and clothes and not listening to what they have to offer is not fair. Be open minded and give the women a chance to get on that stage and prove themselves. I read somewhere someone says women can't be good battle rappers. With regards to Hip Hop music an emcee is an emcee we don't talk about genders. Create platforms to help them showcase their talent and also to teach them how they can build themselves.

What's the main focus/intended purpose of Sauti Za Mabinti?

Sauti Za Mabinti is an initiative for women empowerment in arts. Sauti Za Mabinti aims at creating a platter big enough to embrace all women in the entertainment industry by providing for them platforms; networking, workshops and events, to come together, be appreciated and express themselves without any prejudice of sorts.


Capacity building workshop – This will cover topics on performance, writing, delivery and presentation as a female artists.

Branding and Communication - This workshop will cover personal branding and management, social media management and strategic marketing. This activity will be complemented by the thematic conceptual photography that tells a personal story about an artist and their style of music to be used for publicity.

Entertainment Business -This aims at educating the artists on intellectual property, content marketing, book keeping and investment. A lot of artists are struggling in between the transition of content creation and monetization.

  1. Overall objective

To empower, educate and provide a networking platform for the development of women in the art industry

  1. Expected outcomes

To have more women in the industry aware and confident of their art through supporting each other’s growth.

  1. Indicators of achievement

The number of women presenting consistency, confidence and doing over and above to break the glass ceiling in the industry. Providence of equal opportunities and support for the women in the arts and Music

  1. Key target beneficiary population

Young upcoming new acts in the arts and music industry and established female acts. Having these two as our focus area allows us to create networking platforms for the two that will lead to mentorships, capacity building and most important collaborations and Empower, Educate, Network is the main goal with Sauti Za Mabinti. Having an artist from Nairobi who can interact and connect with an artist from Mombasa and other countries etc. This is all done through artist workshops, concerts and campaigns.

What's your take on the current State of Kenyan Hip Hop?

I think it's at a good place. New and established artists are working together, musicians are working together, collaborating. Unity with the new artists is amazing, I love. It was down due to Covid but we are getting back on track slowly. I also love the rawness during our time.

Apart from showcasing our ladies on this platform what are other initiatives are you undertaking currently?

Well workshops are my main focus, merchandise and awards are my main focus before I get to mentorship. I would like our ladies to be well equipped before going to empower young girls out there.

I understand you do have a show that airs on PPP TV every Saturday dubbed Binti Live how did it come about?

Met Tomma from Ngomma /PPPtv through a mutual friend at Jomino Entertainment and he was following what I was doing with Sauti Za Mabinti so he called me one afternoon to go for a meeting and he said, “I love what you’re doing. I will give you a slot to support your ladies.” I’m working closely with Intronix Media for interviews .Interviewing different women in music across East Africa. I love the support he has given me so far.

What's the process of selecting the playlist for Binti Live, and in case there is that dope rapper/singer outside there who is wondering how she'll get her music to you, how will they go about it? Maybe the contacts that they'll reach you?

I always check new music that has dropped. I appreciate the ladies who send me their music on I manage all the Sauti Za Mabinti pages so kindly inbox me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and I will definitely hit you back. I’m requesting for clean version videos.

Hip Hop being a male dominated field not only in Kenya but the world, what words of advice can you give to sisters out there trying to make it out in the Hip Hop scene either as an emcee, Dj, blogger or even a hip hop media personality just like you?

I would like to encourage them to be bold, understand their craft well and also be consistent. If you believe you can achieve, no doubt about that. I love what Lness does in shows, she reaches out to the ladies and tries to educate them about the culture.

What are the challenges that you have personally faced in the process of ensuring Sauti Za Mabinti becomes a brand that is acknowledged the right way?

The greatest challenge is funding to make sure you are able to have your projects all the way.

The other challenge is having women to support other musicians and also having a women audience. I love the fact that the men who are a majority of my audience always come through with their lady friends…People not understanding my concept and what it's about. I am glad people are able to understand my concept as we organize events.

Veryl Mkali Wao is one of the femcess that is doing really well currently and she has been on record several times praising Sauti Za Mabinti for the contributions towards the growth of her craft, where did you meet and how did it all start?

I am happy and proud of Veryl (Mkali Wao). She is amazing woman who is very hardworking and not afraid to explore. I remember I met her through Qingz Unkut when we collaborated with Ruby. She was just getting into the industry. We bonded a lot that evening and kept in touch. I am happy to say I have seen that growth and her consistency is paying off. I worked with her during the Turning Tables peers with bars. Guys need to grab a copy of her album Shadow Of Death. She is getting recognition and I wish her the best during the Tusker Nexters finale. She is very willing to learn. Always ready to top up something new on her craft. She is a rapper, battle rapper, dancer and DJ.

Any other associated acts apart from Veryl Mkali Wao?

Mell Baron is a remarkable singer whom I met at Jomination and managed some of her projects, she is someone I love and enjoy working with and look forward to work with in future. Very young and vibrant. I can't wait for everyone to see what she has in store for us. I have worked with so many Ladies Samma Knights, MC Sharon, Aneya, Monski, Wambura Mugo, Acey Gracey the list is endless. I’m also looking forward to working with many more ladies from different countries.

What are your future plans for Sauti Za Mabinti?

Oh my I have amazing plans for Sauti Za Mabinti and BintiLive. We are having many projects under the Sauti Za Mabinti umbrella. Subscribe to our YouTube channel. Follow us on all social media pages and you will be notified of our new projects.

Word of advice to that upcoming girl who is trying really hard to make it through in this industry to a point of giving up?

First figure out your frequency, be open to learn, know what you want, have a plan. Don't be in a rush to accomplish something. It’s a process. With time comes growth. Feed yourself with knowledge. Be a go getter. Stand firm in your interest and also don’t’ forget you learn through mistakes.

I have organized events where I did not make a single cent and not paid artists. You live and you learn.

Don't shy away from accomplishing your dreams. Everyone is trying to figure out themselves so never be intimidated.

Where do you see Sauti Za Mabinti in the next 5 years?

This question is always hard for me to answer because I take things as they come. I hope to have accomplished some of my goals. Equipping the women in music with all the right tools to enable them have successful careers to be self-sufficient. Organizing different events around the country and I want to engage Tanzania and Uganda…East Africa.

Word to 254 Media?

Shout out to you for the opportunity. Keep doing what you doing. Be blessed.

Sauti Za Mabinti official Social Media handles?

Facebook: Sauti Za Mabinti
Instagram: Sauti Za Mabinti
Twitter: SautiZaMabinti
YouTube: Sauti Za Mabinti

Anybody you wanna shout out?

To everyone who supports my dream, salute. To everyone doing something for the Hip Hop Kulture from the podcasts, awards, events, DJing, graffiti any role you are playing to support the culture...Big up to you.

Parting shot?

Create as many Hip Hop platforms as possible to support the culture. Always ask yourself how you want to be remembered when you are gone. I live by this... don't know who said this...Why be ordinary while you can be legendary?