No Way Out Battle Rap


No Way Out is a Battle Rap showcase that seeks to traverse major cities and eventually majority of the country in a quest to find Battle Rappers to elevate and participate in this vital yet dying sport and Hip Hop Element.  While Battle Rap is often looked upon as an explicit sport, we see it as an avenue of expression and an untapped source of creativity and income as we can always reference this globally.

With major Battle Rap Culture Movers, NO WAY OUT aims to do things differently and ensure that in the long run, creatives can tap into the sport and make an impact. For beginners or creatives interested in participating. NO WAY OUT has come up with a Mentorship Program that aims to instill a better understanding of what Battle Rap holds in the present, future and beyond. Led by two prolific battle Emcees, Ojiji UFO and Cafu Da Truth, Battle Rappers get a chance to better understand the elements, challenges and skill set requirements that come with getting in the game.


Battle Rap is a competitive rap duel that is categorized by the ability of one opponent to be able to obliterate their competitor through a range of skill sets such as humor, wordplay, punchlines, metaphors, performance and crowd engagement as well as crowd control among other elements. Battle Rap can be spontaneous as in a Freestyle/unwritten format but over the years the craft has evolved into a more professional sport that involves researching ones opponent and delivering a series of intense round for round action as in a boxing or MMA match.


No Way Out is a countrywide scout search for Battle Rappers across the country. The pilot phase seeks to get a pool of Battle Rappers from four major towns namely Nairobi, Nakuru, Kisumu and Mombasa.

No Way Out kicked off in Nairobi earlier this year with a series of trial auditions that showed great potential and the need to scout for more talent across the country. The Trials saw eight Rappers go head to head in the event dubbed ‘In The Beginning’ with the four finalists going head on in a competitive clash on 14th May at Chester Hotels event dubbed ‘NO WAY OUT’ to get the Ultimate winner to represent Nairobi against other towns in the grand finale this year.


Wiseguy ENT - A creative collective mostly pushing for the Battle Rap Culture with C.E.O Victor Wiseguy Muli in the forefront in seeing growth of and for the culture. Wiseguy ENT has held a lot of Battle Rap events including the current No Way Out Battle Rap Circuit, In The Beginning Edition and also partnered with 254 Battle Rap League to bring Where The Conversation Ends.

Wiseguy Entertainment

Ojiji UFO - a 1/2 of the dynamic duo UFO (Unidentified Freestyling Ones) with his counterpart Eli Sketch, decorated Battle Rap veteran from his Chaguo La Teeniez days, Three time winner of Queen Neffertiti Who Owns The Crown edition including the first ever Triple threat match against two of the most dominant Battle Rappers in Kenya, Cafu Da Truth and Shahidi Xcalibur and also a runner up at Nokia Don’t Break the beat edition in East Africa.

Ojiji UFO

Cafu Da Truth (Tall Rap Midget) - a prolific Battle Emcee with a series of performances under his belt breaking into the scene after a stellar opener during 254 Battle Rap League Where The Conversation Ends event against Stin The Chronic which also saw Ojiji go head to head on the main event against Shahidi Xcalibur, winner of Hennessy Mix tape Of The Year 2020, two times runner up against Ojiji in the Who Owns The Crown Edition,  Bar 4 Bar joint winner and WAPI 2.0 Winner with the series winner Cafu Da Truth and runner up Zebbyblacks both from Unit 1678 set to face Tanzanians Loco Spitta and Mex Cortez respectively.

Cafu Da Truth

Ondu StreetLawyer -a League Owner (254 Battle Rap League), an award winning Hennessy 2021 Podcaster Of The Year (Back2Basics Podcast), an adamant follower of the Culture, a custodian, connoisseur, Battle Judge and event organizer all in one.

ONDU StreetLawyer

Back 2 Basics - under the trusted eye and ears of Ondu Street Lawyer, Back 2 Basics podcast has emerged as a Hip Hop culture mover recently bagging the Unkut Hennessy Hip Hop Awards Podcast Of The Year 2021 a podcast that keeps documenting the Kenyan Hip Hop journey with well researched scope of questions and interviews with major Hip Hop movers in the country.

Back2Basics Podcast


The winner in each major town will face off other winners in the grand finale to be held in Nairobi by late 2022. As is stands Nairobi will be represented by Rufnek, 15 Synassibi will represent Nakuru and after a successful event on 23rd July in Mombasa Swahili Pothub hosted by Kaa La Moto and DJ Lenium, Mikka Dlly will hold it down for Mombasa in the grand finals to be announced soon. The Circuit will be completed after the Kisumu run which will be the final city in this first phase of the circuit. Kisumu will be in search of their representative after the elections.

The ultimate plan is to have an existent Battle Rap League with as many Battle Rappers as possible across the country across different backgrounds, genders, age etc  for consistent match ups, tournaments etc. We also hope that the League can be self-sustaining to all participants, partners and stakeholders.