Nuru Bahati

As someone who started art since childhood, Nuru Bahati has managed to keep up with the times by becoming more creative with his art. In those days when he was in high school he could draw using an ink pen (biro or bic). His drawings enabled him to win several awards and to be recognized as an expert when it comes to drawing with pens.

Nuru has been able to develop his talent until he has become an expert in digital graphics. In addition to painting, Nuru is a poet, an activist and also a philanthropist who likes to help, uplift and give voice to the community around him using his talents. This is what gives joy in his life.

We had the opportunity to chat with him so as to get to know him better...

Who is Nuru Bahati?

Nuru Bahati is an artist.

What’s your history and what do you do in life?

My history is that I love art and what I do in life is I love uplifting people.

Tell us something about Nuru, where did you grow up, how was your childhood and educational background?

I am born and raised in Mombasa since my earlier years my interest of drawing started by seeing comic strips in daily newspapers.

I studied Art and Craft in Sacred heart Primary and did Art and Design in Sacred heart Secondary both schools are in Mombasa.

Then I did a Diploma for 3 years in Fine Arts and Painting in Buru Buru Institute of Fine Arts in Nairobi.

Why did you decide to venture into designing?

I decided to venture into designing cause it’s fun and I enjoy coming up with new concepts.

What type of designing/art work exactly do you do?

I do logos, digital portraits and E-posters.

Baadhi ya kazi za nembo za Nuru

Have you done any projects with any Hip Hop artists?

Yes, I've done projects with Hip Hop artist Fikrah Teule, an initiative called YETU meaning ours.

It was a spoken word, open mic, Hip Hop event creating a safe space to discuss social awareness.

Apart from Hip Hop artists have you done projects with musicians of other genres?

Yes I've done posters for poets’ events and their logos as their brands.

In this graphics designing business what has touched in this creative process/work?

Understanding the client's vision and mission then encompassing it to their services or products in their market.

What messages do you intend to pass across when doing your work?

Simplicity sales.

Does your work say anything about our current society and political situations?

It depends when I've completed my commission work then I may get time to design concepts that are social commentaries.

What played a big part in pulling you into this designing field?

The fact that simplicity in design helps so much in conveying messages in terms of aesthetic and functionality.

What drives you and gives you the morale to keep on with this designing job?

What drives me is that every profit goes into uplifting the community around me and the customer satisfaction after seeing their vision come to reality.

Are you employed or self-employed and do you have your own studio for working?

I’m a self-employed, freelance artist working from home since all my work is online.

What is the main difference between Nuru and other designers?

I deliver all my projects on time and I am honest in all the aspects of business.

What is unique about Nuru and his artwork?

My work is simple, neat and clear.

How did you manage to grow this talent such that it enables you to earn a living from it?

By always taking risks and always remaining a student of the craft.

How do you get opportunities to work?

By talking to people and helping the in their projects.

How do you price your work?

Pricing depends on the project, number of artworks needed in the project, the timeline in the project and the budget of the project.

With the advent of digital art, do you think that hand art is facing a threat of extinction?

Art is a market whatever an individual is selling there is always a willing buyer and there is more than enough for all of us.

What does one need to have/to be in order to be able to venture into this and do this designing work well?

Discipline and Determination.

Have you ever worked on a project outside Kenya? If so what valuable lessons did you learn that you might want to share with the reader?

Yes, I’m still working on the global market in digital portraits art. The lesson is your artwork is worth way more out there and they're people who will pay you in full before the project even starts.

Have you ever exhibited your job in an art gallery?

Yes, I've done exhibitions in Dust Depo in Nairobi.

When you get a job how do you start working on a new project? How do you conceptualize the idea from start until conclusion of the project?

I go with the client's brief and ask the client about previous work that he/she has liked and that can be included in his/her project. It's all about constant good communication.

How long does it take you to finish a project?

The more a client is specific in details and payments the easier it is to get the job done quickly.

How do you begin your day?

I begin my day with a word of prayer.

What do you like about designing and did you ever imagine ever being a designer/painter/artist?

I love the research and meanings behind all projects that are successful and have a positive impact to the culture. Art is love and love is life.

Is there an art work or project that you did that you are really proud of?

As long as I put a smile on someone's face my work is completed.

Apart from artwork and designing, what other talents do you have? And do you do other jobs/work apart from this designing job?

Art is my source of joy plus I like to do event planning and organizing in different initiatives of the community.

What advice do you have for anyone who wants to follow in your footsteps and venture into designing?

Just Start and always remain a learner.

What else who would you like to say that I might not have asked you?

I hope artists get paid for each interview, cause dead artist don't need the money.

Support black business.

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