Oksyde is one of the illest lyricist who has ever rocked the mic in Kenya. After having been inspired at an early age by his elder sibling Oksyde decided to go one better by penning his own rhymes and he also started learning how to spit.

Years on this hobby turned has out to be his most treasured skill that has enabled him to earn his bread and butter. With a career span of more than 10 years, Oksido as he is also know, is one innovative, creative and iconoclastic rapper who is never afraid to push his limits.

Ladies and gentlmen we deliver the man, Okysde, no excuses.

Welcome to Micshariki Africa kaka. First things first, who is Oksyde; your official names, and what do you do for a living, your educational background?

Oksyde is a humble dude...A hustler who never stops until the job is done. Official names Freimah Aseka Mukanga I'm an artist. I'm a musician and also a business man. I'm also Co. Record label owner at Feel Hood Establishments.

Oksyde is a motivated Kenyan creative, one of the best rapper/artists to come from the country, I represent the go getters, guys who won't stop and can’t stop, guys who are not okay with okay. That's basically Oksyde.

Tell us a little about your history, how did you get into music? How did your stage name Oksyde come about and what does it mean?

I started to gain interest in music from watching my big brother as a teen always freestyling…He is the one who introduced me to the culture...but subconsciously.

The stage name came along in 2008 as I was registering for the "Florida 2000 jam session battles" which I won.There is no much explanation or deep meaning behind the name it just sounds dope and unique and full of vibes that's why I chose it.

Why do they call you the Chief Rocker?

It's a title I got from rocking the stage every time I performed.

You have been in this rap game for so long kindly share with us briefly the highlights of your musical journey.

Well I've been here for over a decade now…It's been ups n downs but we thank God for he has always been by my side. One of the best highlights is opening for Jay Z's sound engineer and DJ while he was in Kenya and also getting to work with Back Road Gee from the UK.

It is claimed that in the Kenyan Hip Hop scene you are the rapper with the largest discography. Kindly share with us the names of all your projects (EPs, Mixtapes and albums) and when they were released.

I have the biggest catalog with 10 projects under my belt.

2010 - Thee Emcee Mixtape
2011 - Joint mixtape with Khaligraph Jones titled - "Undisputed-Headz
2012 – King Kong Ep
2015- Oksyde Musik Collection Mixtape
2016 - Niko True Ep
2018- Before The Album Mixtape
2019- Drip Morio Ep
2020 - Kalesa Na Earpods Album
2021 - Deliver The Package No Excuses Ep
2022 - Strictly for my hoodlums Album

Another thing that I admire about your work ethic is the amount of music videos you've put out there for your fans to consume. What motivates you into making these videos and who are some of the video directors you have worked with on your projects?

The thing with this new generation of fans is that they like to watch more than just to hear...that's where the music videos come in. 50 - 60% of my music videos are usually designed by me with the help of the directors I work with. I have had the privilege to work with so many names e.g. Rango, Robert Wesley, Mike Lolly P, Johnson Kyalo, Atura Images etc.

Who are some of the biggest Hip Hop producers that you have worked with?

I have worked with almost every dope Kenyan producer since the 2010s...Sniper G Ganji (R.I.P), Alex Vice, Misee Billions, Vince On The Beat, Ares 66, GKV Samora, Ndovu Kuu etc.

In your young age you have had the privilege of working with some of the finest Hip Hop emcees to have rocked the mic; Abbas, Kama K Shaka, Khaligraph Jones, Smallz Lethal, Chiwawa etc. How does it feel like working with the best in the industry?

It is an amazing to work with all this artist…They motivate and inspire a brother in so many unimaginable ways.

One of the artist featured in your recently release album is Kamah of Kalamashaka. Tell us briefly how did it start before you guys hit the booth, putting in mind, Kamah is an icon and also a pioneer when KE Hip Hop is mentioned?

The session with Kamah K-shaka was awesome. He came through in a big way, we got him from Naivasha since he was out of town at that time. He's such a humble icon and a legend, getting him wasn't easy for that case. I got him from both Roba K-Shaka and Labalaa. Kamah is very good, when he came I was so happy, the respect is mutual. I appreciate him for gracing the album.

Oksyde, Kamaa (Kalamashaka)

Feel Hood Est.? What is this all about? And by the way are you and independent artist or are you signed to one of these major labels in Kenya?

Feel Hood Est is my label, created by me and my big bro.                  

We are all about talent, it doesn't matter whether it's rap or singing or directing or producing…All talents are welcome here.

I am under Feel Hood and currently the only artist under the label at the moment.

I see that you are selling your new project the old school way? What is the motivation behind this? What are your thoughts about DSPs as I've noticed that the only full project you have there is the Deliver The Package (DTP) No Excuses EP. What are the reasons behind this?

I mostly prefer selling my albums the old school way because I get to interact with my fans first hand unlike DSPs where fans just stream but can't get to interact with their favorite artist. Just my opinion.

What are your thoughts about the current state of Kenyan and East African Hip Hop? Who would you like to work with in Tanzania?

Kenyan and East African Hip Hop is currently doing good. Hip Hop is becoming big in the East African Region. In my opinion I think East Africa makes the best Hip Hop/Rap music in the continent. I just think we need to work together more.

If you look on the latest music chats, we have at least 6 Hip Hop tracks out of ten. This shows how Kenyan Hip Hop is growing. People are giving listening to our music. We are on the right track.

One of the artist I would love to work with from TZ is Young Lunya. I like his music a lot.

"Hip Hop saved my life" said Lupe Fiasco but does Hip Hop pay your bills once you Deliver The Package to your fans Mr. Oksido?

Rap pays bro…you just gotta figure out how you milk your cow.

What else do you do apart from singing to ensure you put food on your table?

Apart from music I do a few things on the side. I collect sneakers and re sale them among other things

What is the inspiration behind you recently released project, Strictly for my hoodlums?

Strictly for my hoodlums is a collaborative project, whereas Feel Hood is my label, I’m the CEO. So the inspiration behind this project, I saw there is a gap between artists not working together, like there’s circles and it is not good for the culture. So I'm trying to bridge the gap with the classes of Hip Hop that have been there and not worked together. Embracing all sub genres of Hip Hop, like guys doing Drill not buying the idea of working with Boombap artists.

In this project I have Drillers, Boombap emcees, a few old school and new school artists. It's all about bridging the gap and getting a new sound in the Hip Hop world.

How was the whole process like, in the making of this collective project?

Making of this project took a lot time, bringing guys on board wasn't that easy, from getting a track to getting the hook, one by one. I really enjoyed the session especially with Katapilla and Kamah Kalamashaka.  Mixing and mastering was also fantastic, working with producer Ares 66 was one of the best feeling, and we took time to ensure this one becomes a masterpiece.

Your new album should feel fresh and unhindered by your previous EP (No excuses DTP), what have you learned from DTP?

DTP was just an EP, it wasn't that serious. I was doing it for fun, it was well received well contrary to my expectations. I rushed it because of the market and keeping my fans intact.

Strictly for my hoodlums is bigger and better. I brought in various producers and artists. The studio is in my house, so whenever the idea came I was there to record it. The creative process was top notch!

What should your fans expect from Strictly for my hoodlums, is it going to be a concept album to explore your new found musical tastes or a story telling sequence with a theme threaded throughout each title or an experimental album to broaden your audience?

Strictly for my hoodlums is a themed project. They usually call me 'Mr Themed project', when it finally drops, you'll have a listen, from the first track if you are either into street or urban culture, it will sound like a movie to you, the themes were structured into being like a movie, so when it finally drops you’ll finally have to experience this.

After Strictly for my hoodlums, what's next for Oksyde?

More projects, more collaborations lined up for release, another album too, a lot of things lined up, including a fashion/clothing line of which I will communicate later.

When did the album drop?

The album dropped on the 21st of October 2022.

Your parting shot?

Big shout out to everyone who believed in me since day one, you always have been giving me the motivation. Shout out to my big bro Fello, Robert Wesley and everyone who joined the caravan along the way. Keep it locked, the album has arrived, something that has never happened in Kenya since 'Dandora Burning'.

Check out Oksyde on his social media platforms;

Facebook: Oksyde Musik
Instagram: oksyde
Twitter: oksydemusik