Sela-C Da Mc

SELA- C Da MC is a hip-hop artist based in Buruburu, popularly known as Buruklyn in Nairobi Kenya. He is notably known for his freestyling abilities, the laid back mc is a two time AARBAN cypher winner and has wowed crowds for years on the mic.

He started out as a battle rapper, but lately the hard spitting rapper has refined his tongue to thrill diverse crowds hence performing at different art platforms within the city.

To his name he has a few songs out namely Don’t leave and Hood economics. But the promising rapper is under pressure to release his debut tape Route 58, that has been in the making for almost two years.

What first got you into music?

What got me into music is the desire to have my hood recognized like Dandora, South B and all those other places that are famous for the rapper’s they produce.

What’s the inspiration behind the name Sela C Da MC?

Da Mc is what I do yaani actual emceeing. Sela C is just a corruption of Selassie so to distinguish from the original I came up with that.

Who inspired you to make music?

I am my own inspiration when it comes to music but my oldest brother is a big influence too, as he put me on the rapper’s and music he liked.

How would you describe the music that you typically create?

Simply, the music that I create is just Hip Hop, the theme only changes depending on the tracks and inspiration got from tracks.

What is your creative process like?

Creative process entails listening to lots of beat tapes, watching movies and reading different content, plus a little weed helps at times.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?

Most likely to collaborate with is Romi Swahili because I like his thought patterns.

If you could go open a show for any artist who would it be?

Am currently working plus I’m a creative director for music.

What would you be doing right now, if it wasn’t for your music career?

If I wasn’t in music probably I’d be doing something in fashion or something entertainment related.

Where have you performed? What are your favorite and least favorite venues? Do you have any upcoming shows?

I have curtain raised for Octopizzo when he launched his LDPC album, been a guest artist on numerous rap battle shows.

Least favorite venue would be Sarakasi Dome because of poor sound quality.

Favorite venues would be at Pawa 254 and any Boombap click gig they get the whole Hip Hop thing.

No shows planned till my tape drops.

You represent Buruburu, and as an artist you are playing a major role as an ambassador of your hood, any plans of impacting your community through your music?

I have a fashion line that I run known as Kenyan Chapta through it I offer 10% of proceeds to child literacy.

What is your take on the current state of Kenyan Hip-hop?

It’s kind of uneven but major players are making strides through chucking content and shows.

What are some of your achievements as a rapper?

Winning Aarban Cypher twice, defending champion, Str8 Up Rap Challenge, released a couple of tracks and freestyles.

What’s your take on blogs like, Micshariki Africa that are trying to play a role of ensuring Kenyan Hip-hop gets big?

Blogs are an important way of curating knowledge and sharing information

How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business?

Internet has resulted in direct marketing and engagement with the intended audience minus the middle man, instant feedback through digitization has enabled us to reach a wider audience that is not limited to 254 borders. It has also diversified how content is consumed through streaming sites like Spotify, Boomplay amongst others.

What is your favourite song to perform?

Favorite song to perform is Moyoni as it tells my own personal story, slowly Madoo is also gaining traction so am constantly rehearsing it.

Which famous musicians do you admire?

Commercially Taio Triipper formally of Camp Mulla as he has quite a diverse portfolio as an emcee, presenter and quite the Dj.

What is the most trouble you’ve ever gotten into?

Being arrested while in possession of a banned substance.

What is the best advice you’ve been given?

Best advice is keep at it in due time all will come to be.

If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

I’d change the gatekeepers as most know nothing about the culture apart from rap.

Some of the individuals that you feel are getting it right in the culture and you want to shout out them?

Romi Swahili, Trabolee, Khaligraph Jones, Juliani and a few shrap gods but Wakadinali are a favorite big shout out to them.

You are almost releasing your upcoming LP Route 58 what should your fans and the hip-hop fraternity expect?

I’m serving bars on different tracks there and there will be everything for everyone from Drill, Trap and Boom bap plus it will give insight to myself and life.

Word to 254 media and those people responsible in collecting royalties?

They are doing a crappy job Chief Marketing Officer’s should really up their game as there are artists who solely depend on music.

Word of advice to the upcoming artists who are really struggling hard to a point they just want to give up?

Just do you, it takes 10 years to make one a master of anything.

Your parting shot?

Stay scheming and the goal is the bag.

Your official Social media/Music platforms?

Currently it’s Sela-C Da Mc on
Instagram: Sela-C Da Mc
YouTube: Sela-C Da Mc
Facebook: Sela-C Da Mc

I will upload the tape on Boomplay, Spotify and Audiomack.