Shazzy B

Damaris Yilva (born October 1998) age 24, better known by her stage name Shazzy B. She is a musician, singer, songwriter and a rapper. Her name Shazzy B was a nickname given to her back in the days in the hood given to her by a friend which was initially Shaz and later on Shazzy B.

She started of her music career back in 2018 with a crew called Ngonglywood Production which is based at Ngong, which lead to the release of  their first song called '111 My Home Town' Later on she released her first solo song called 'Usichoke' in 2019. Since then she has featured mostly in cyphers 'The Mic Gym' 'Icon Radio Vault Cypher', 'Door Knockers Cyphers' and 'The All African Cypher'.

Over the years she has worked on songs like 'Follow The Leader' and 'Love The Way You Wine'. She is currently working on her first, EP which features the recently released song, ‘Swagger, her newly released song which features Nevo. She has also featured with Trabolee, Brimarainman, Msito on her upcoming Ep and is currently working on releasing singles, before her EP is completed. She has more projects on the way.

Welcome to Micshariki Africa. What’s the inspiration behind your artistic name, Shazzy B?

Well, I get this a lot. I would say it was a nickname I got back in the days. I think I was in high school when people used to have hilarious names on Facebook. I just happened to stick with this one after all.

How has your musical journey been like, what got you into rap music?

Music has helped me learn a lot and the best part of it is the aspect of growth.  It is not easy being in the music industry, especially trying to break through. I have faced challenges of not getting paid doing shows, other times I've  made efforts to showcase my talent but was made to feel like I'm not good enough.

I believe if I didn't have a passion for my music I would have given up a long time ago.  My way of dealing with the challenges is by taking it a step at a time. My musical journey begun unexpectedly and it has been fulfilling. Basically, I didn't know I could rap until I got to the studio one day with some of my friends and was given a chance to put vocals on a track and that was it...I became a rapper.

How long has music been part of your life?

In 2018, I started being involved with music, but then I got caught up with school and had to take a break. I later continued doing music in 2021. I've been active ever since and now music is what makes my life meaningful.

How did you come to realize that music was the way forward for you?

We all love something we can’t miss or have a day without, for me music has become the thing! So these days I just find myself writing…I don't force anything it just flows. I am totally into it and I look forward to building a career around music.

In what way do you aim to make a difference?

Music is a powerful tool because everybody listens to it. I want to use it as a form of expression, talk about relatable stuff and things that affect our lives. The more I can reach out to people with my music the more I'll be able to connect with them and make a difference in their lives.

Where is your musical career heading, what’s the vision?

After making some hits, expect me to create a legacy, that's all I want. It’s not about the M's for me, I visualize a career where I am able to create music for different causes and projects that affect lives and perspectives in our society.

What’s your favorite project so far?

My Ep takes the cup. I've been working on cyphers and all of that, but finally working on my own project makes it the best shot for me.

Who are your biggest musical influences especially here in Kenya?

If we start at the top I’ll definitely go for Kendrick and J Cole but here in Kenya I’m inspired by Nyashinki and Khaligraph Jones, not because they're hit makers...I'm a creative and their work gets my attention.

What makes you different from other rappers in the industry?

I'm a female artist that raps about real stuff. I don't try to hide behind sounding sexy. I got bars and I believe my style of rap is a chilled out lyrical killer (laughing) and I make it look easy, like I don't have to struggle, I just flow.

Who is your super hero alter ego and why?

I don't have a favorite super hero movie or comic character. God is my super hero. I believe most of the things that have happened in my life and how I got through them alive, was quite impossible if it was up to human power.

I understand you have an upcoming EP, What's the title, number of tracks, the inspiration behind the project and who have you featured?

The EP is titled THE BOSS LADY. It not finalized but it currently has 9 tracks one of which I've released as a single titled Swaga on my YouTube channel. The EP is inspired by life struggles, relationship drama, lifestyle ambitions and many more. The featured artists on the EP include Nevo, Msito, Brima Maovete and Trabolee.

The Official release date?

The whole Ep will soon be be complete and we hope to make it available on all music platforms on 30th December

What was your experience like being featured on DKC 2 and also the All African Cypher 2?

Amazing! It has given me a lot of exposure and linked me up with many dope artists, also internationally. I truly appreciate the work the likes of Music Jared are doing and I'd encourage such personalities to continue doing what they doing, so many dope artists are underground but with an opportunity like DKC or All African Cypher it enables us to discover new talent.

How do you plan to breakthrough in Kenyan market?

Consistency and with utmost dopeness (laughing). I know for sure hard work pays. I just need to make sure what I give is worth it.

What’s next for Shazzy B?

More and more music, the reason why I've decided to release an EP having 9 tracks is so that I get the push to create another body of work in the form of an album. I'm really hoping to do so much more music wise.

Your Official music/social media platforms?

Twitter: @ShazzyB
TikTok: bossladyshazzyb
Facebook: Ladyboss Shazzyb

Who would you like to shout out?

My friends, my small brother, all of Ngonglywood, my mom and lastly everybody out there feeling my music.

Your parting shot?

I urge everyone out there not be scared to chase their dreams. It will all come just have to be consistent and don't let nothing come in between you and your dreams. Lastly ladies, let's see more of you out here.