Smallz Lethal

Smallz Lethal is a Hip Hop emcee from Kenya who is signed under KRK record label. Smallz Lethal is a no hold barred emcee who doesn’t fear to spit what is on his mind. He speaks for the masses and takes his talent and passion to rhyme as his core mission on earth.

We hooked up with him the I’m Offended rapper so that we could know more about him and his mission and get to know how he got started, what are his goals and future projects coming up


Karibu sana Micsharikia Africa Smallz Lethal. For those that are unfamiliar, who is Smallz Lethal?

Smallz Lethal is an emcee, a rapper, an entrepreneur, activist aka raptivist.

Where do you find your artistic inspiration?

I’m inspired by the day to day activities, current issues that happen around the world and also my life.

It’s been a minute and you haven’t given us something new, what’s fronting?

It’s been a minute, but already I have dropped two videos, and I’m still cooking. Working on Leaders Of Today LP which was supposed to drop in September but I’ve pushed it forward till further notice.

In these uncertain times what have you done to stay creative?

In these Covid times, things are still up and running as usual. Currently I’m working with Dandora Hip-Hop City (DHC), under the leadership of our CEO, founder, mentor and patron Juliani (Julious Owino) and we have a couple of projects that we are undertaking. From recording music, leadership classes, community, health, volunteering services and many more.

Give us a brief description on how Washamba Wenza began (Smallz, Kev Mamba & Flamez) are you guys still working together as a unit?

I met with Flamez ten years ago in Dandora and we formed Washamba Wenza, Kev Mamba joined us 3-4 years later. We still working together, Washamba Wenza is a big movement and it won’t fade away, the fact that everyone is working on solo projects doesn’t mean that we parted ways, we still together

So far you have two albums (Common Mwananchi & Mogaka Music) do you have any plans of releasing another project?

Yeah of course, Leaders Of Today album is coming soon. Also I have a Mixtape Bud For Business released early this year, which I teamed up with Alto KFlow under KRK.

As a hip-hop Artist what are some of your achievements?

First of all, connecting with people using the content that I lay in music, so that they can understand where the world is heading. As an artist I do music for the masses, to inspire, to motivate and to educate. Speaking out for them on what they go through. I’m a voice to the voiceless, that’s my course.

Secondly, my two albums. Doing an album isn’t an easy thing as an artist. Big up to snipper G-Ganji, he believed in me since day one. Shout out to Agano, Labalaa Makau and Ukoo Flani Mau Mau. It’s a big achievement working with them since they are among the pioneers of KE hip-hop. They played a vital role in the making of my projects and in my musical journey.

Hip-hop Hookup: Giving a platform to artists to showcase their craft and interact with fellow artists and fans. It happened for 6 years and I’m happy to be part of the movement. It has natured a lot of artists who are shining at the moment. I’m proud to be part of their journey.

You have been kind of an activist, calling out on leaders who you feel have been failing their people. Do you have any plans to get yourself into politics?

I don’t think there’s something like getting into politics because we as citizens we are already part of the politics. What we have to do is to get the system on toes. I’m already part of Kenyan politics, but if you mean vying for a political seat, count me out. I’m comfortable being an artist and I’m committed to keep it that way. Voice of the people.

How do you feel the impact of internet in hip-hop industry?

The internet has played a very big role towards the growth of Kenyan hip-hop. Social media for instance has made the rappers get that recognition even beyond the borders. It has also enabled us to connect with the fans, it has really helped us in our craft.

Tell us about KRK (Kisii Rap Kings), and the projects the company is currently undertaking towards empowering the community?

KRK is a label, music group, rap group. It’s as an entertainment franchise that I founded a few years ago. We have some programs that we are undertaking like KRK football club and KRK rap group.

Through the company we are able to connect with the community through sports and entertainment as well as empowering them to our level best. Basically we focusing on giving back to the community apart from voicing their plights. We are planning on doing a KRK album in future, we are working and more is coming.

You are a big artist in your home town, Kisii.. and I remember there’s a track you released sometimes last year, Kunguni, Is it directed to some fellow rappers who were somehow disrespectful to the pioneer of Kisii rap?

Kunguni wasn’t directed to specific people. But was just trying to call out on them freshmen who are kind of disrespectful. I had to put them where they belong, the hip-hop way!

What’s your take on KE Hip-hop at the moment?

254’s hip-hop is in a healthy position right now. More people are coming on board and they are embracing what we have been doing for all those years. Hip-hop is timeless music, it isn’t club music. You can see the clubs and joints have been closed down for two years and their music faded away. Hip-hop still remains, it’s a force to reckon with.

Content always lives long and I’ll continue to champion for content in respect to all these other genres like Gengetone. They are a one or two weeks’ time music. I appreciate them as fellow artists in the industry for doing their thing but hip-hop stands out. It’s in a healthy position as always and forever.

What do you feel about hip-hop blog sites like Micshariki Africa putting in mind that it’s a bit hard for hip-hop to break through the mainstream here in Kenya?

Hip-hop blogs are doing a very good job. Shout out to Micshariki Africa, Musiq Jared, Biggest Kaka, Chain Rap Blog Africa and all those stakeholders who are putting in work towards the growth of our hip-hop culture. People used to depend on TV and Radio but nowadays they get first-hand information from the individuals who treasurer hip-hop. Keep doing the good work guys.

Any upcoming projects that you want your fans to have a snippet?

My new single ‘Safari’ featuring AY (Ambwene Allen Yessayah), is about to drop. Already dropped a new video Leaders Of Today, which I featured Katapilla is available on YouTube.
My 3rd album is on and about. I have featured the likes of Katapilla, Raj Fikrah Teule, Maburguda, Abu Dabi Tembe Kali. I promise Leaders Of Today LP will be a big one.

Also I have a project with Kitu Sewer, Maburguda and Abu Dabi Tembe Kali, titled Ni Wakati. It talks about issues affecting artists like intellectual property, royalty distribution and all the injustice that artists have been going through.
Not forgetting, I’m also working with Abbas Kubaff & Kitu Sewer. To the believers, stay woke… I got your back.

Word of advice to the upcoming, struggling real hard and they feel like giving up?

Go hard!. If you know you got talent, fight for it. Position yourself on those positions that will help will help you grow. Connect to the right people also have a team that will help you move not just hanging with guys who don’t challenge you to be better with time.
Big up to Elisha Elai and Katapilla,they are setting a good example.

Word to 254 media?

On a positive note, I feel producers are supposed to research for new music that they are not exposed to.
We got guys doing Reggae, Rock, Dancehall, Benga, and traditional music here in Kenya. We have all types of genres well represented both on country and national levels, so please we are not even begging. The law says play 60% of Kenyan music. So just play our music and that’s the only way a Kenyan artist will make money.

Anybody you want to shout out?

Shout out to all those pushing KE hip-hop out there. Respect to Snipper SP, & R.I.P brother, Dandora Hip-hop city (DHC), Ondu Street Lawyer, Khaligraph Jones, Scar Mkadinali, Vioxii Dede, RedTape nation and everybody on the ground contributing something towards the culture.

Your parting shot?

Hip-hop is hip-hop, it’s lyrics, flow, character, connecting, freestyle and all those dimensions. It isn’t about just talking, clout chasing and competition. It’s a movement of love and supporting each other. We aren’t here to compete, everybody in this culture got that one thing that you lack. So let’s be united.

Your official social media/music platforms for the guys who haven’t come across you?

Facebook: Smallz Lethal
Twitter: The Raptivist
Instagram: smallzlethal

Also find me on Spotify, Deezer, YouTube, Tidal as Smallz Lethal.

You’ll get my two albums (Common Mwananchi & Mogaka Music) plus couple of singles on those platforms that distribute music internationally and connect with me. KISII RAP KING!

Big Up kwa Micshariki Africa!