Snaidah Don Dada

She considers herself a versatile artist because of her capacity to get creative on any type of beat. This is evident in songs like Can Gerrit (prod. by Motif Di Don), Madiba and Najiskia (prod. by Kingpheezle).

She's also been prominently featured in diverse projects like Door Knockers Cypher Episode 3, Female Hip-Hop Edutainment Cypher in addition to a number of notable collaborations.

She recently released ‘Black Whisper' E.P which is readily available on all digital music marketing platforms and many other of her tracks can be found on her YouTube channel.

Her 'Black Whisper' E.P contains five tracks:

  1. Kulala
  2. Testimony
  3. Female Mcees
  4. Wakatae
  5. Kanyamo

Highlighting her most recent release, BLACK WHISPER E.P, she chose that as the title of her E.P to reflect light on the mental struggles she was battling after losing her father. This is portrayed on her song 'Testimony.'

The Black Whisper project is full of authenticity that can’t be faked. These are songs that betray the scar tissue. Contemplative and insightful lyricism. There might be dark whispers, but Snaidah allows you to understand that it is not insurmountable. There are too many losses and not enough gains, but as long as there remains a belief in self and something deeper and the possibility of something better, hope remains alive.

Hence Snaidah Don Dada creates music that touches souls, evokes hidden feelings and emotions that'll motivate and inspire her listeners.

Welcome to Micshariki Africa, Snaidah Don Dada. What are your official names and what do you do?

Mutswenje Snaidah Tsiavoka. A femcee and a teacher by profession.

Tell us about your stage name Snaidah Don Dada, how did it come about and what does it signify?

Don in the dictionary means University lecturer... I studied education so I chose Snaidah Don Dada to signify lyrical teacher.

Take us through your musical journey, how did it all begin for you, and how has the journey been so far?

I hoped on to the Motif Di Don 'Cangerrit' challenge and luckily enough I was featured on the official track by Motif Di Don... Perfect kick off for my musical career. The journey has had its ups and downs but the passion for my artistry keeps me going. So far so good since the response from my fans is welcoming and that right there keeps me going.

Tell us about your first recording experience, which song did you first record? How was it received by those who listened to it?

My first song was a song titled Fresh and the booth experience was on another level coz that was the first time I ever heard my vocals on a beat. I couldn't help but put the song on replay like a hundred times😂🤦‍♀️. Response from fans was positive so that “gased” me up to greater confidence levels as an upcoming femcee.

Hip Hop is a Kulture with different elements in it. Why did you decide to join the movement and what pushed you to go with the emceeing element of Hip Hop?

Freedom of expression was the agenda on the table. I'm a verbal human being and so I chose femceeing in Hip Hop just so no one ever silences my voice or turns it to an echo. Instilling wisdom into my listeners’ minds was the aim that's why I chose femceeing.

Hip Hop is a very tough genre to break through for both males and females but much harder for females. What pushes you to do it instead of doing other genres like RnB and Afro pop?

I grew up sandwiched in between two of my siblings who happen to be male... So growing up around them toughened me up... Call it tough brotherly sister love... So it makes it easy to flex on beats in a tough manner and have that tough heart and mindset to be patient, persistent and to be able to preserve all challenges that come with being a femcee. Hip Hop gives me the freedom of expression for it's an intelligent movement so that's why I chose to launch my musical career as a Hip Hop artist and not as an Afro Pop or Rnb artist.

Who are some of the female emcees in Kenya and the world that you look up to for inspiration?

Locally for me they are Nazizi, Stellah Mwangi (STL), Petra, Femi One… Internationally Rapsody, Young M. A, Nicki Minaj, Beanz, Savannah Hannah, Lady Leshur and Latto.

What are the major challenges that you've faced in your journey as a Hip Hop emcee and how have you managed to overcome them?

Breaking the barrier of Kenyans to appreciate Hip Hop music is tough since most are hooked on too much hype with zero content music.

So this being the case I'm currently working on commercializing my Hip Hop tracks so that my Kenyan listeners can vibe to it and feel entertained.

Sexual exploitation. I choose to be firm and principled as a female artist and say no to any sexual predator who wants to prey on me in the name of uplifting my talent.

Financial constraints. I have to HUSTLE just to get cash to invest in my audios and videos. Or at times well-wishers sponsor my musical projects.

Criticism and judgement. I've been subjected to people mistaking me for a stud. Now that I go hard on beats and my energy on the mic can be measured up to male energy😂So I chose to remain deaf to people's judgement and criticism and that keeps me going.

Marketing. It's tough on my side to get my songs to reach a bigger crowd since money is needed so I have been looking for performance platforms just so I can get to grow my fan base and at times it's super hectic because I don't get paid🤦‍♀️

Tell us about your music catalogue, what full projects have you released?

I got six full complete tracks on my YouTube channel: Kulala, Testimony Female mcees, Wakatae, Kanyamo and Fresh.

I also got featured on two tracks by Kingpheezle (Madiba and Najiskia) and Motif Di Don featured me in his Motif Di Don 'Cangerrit' Challenge.

Tell us about your recently released EP, Black Whispers. What was it all about and who were the producers and featured artists behind the project? How important a step was it for you to release this EP?

Releasing an EP has made me network with a lot of well-wishers who are willing to support my music especially after listening to my EP. Black Whispers comprises of five songs (Kulala, Testimony, Female Mcees, Wakatae and Kanyamo). All these are tracks that speaks of my mental struggles after my dad kicked the bucket. I fell into depression and music was what kept me going. So I wanted to touch souls through my music hence connect with my listeners through my lyricism by telling them my truth in black and white so I made the E. P  raw with no filters. There were no featured artists on the EP and the producers are Motif Di Don, Cobra, Buju Da Beast and Brouser.

You were featured in the 3rd episode of the Door Knockers Cyphers. How was your experience working with different artists from the region and what impact did the cypher have on your career as an artist?

Door Knockers Episode 3 was a learning experience. I was subjected to being open minded and get to learn one or two things from fellow artists from different regions and yes I got to network and market myself and currently courtesy of Door Knockers Cypher Episode 3 I got collaboration requests from artists from Uganda, Tanzania and Diaspora coming through.

What advice do you have for any upcoming rappers especially ladies trying to find their way in the music industry?

All it takes is patience, persistence, perseverance, passion, prayers and believing in you as an artist. And one other thing is to never ever allow anyone to subject you to sexual exploitation in the name of helping you uplift your musical career. Lastly in order to become a great listen to the greats that will equip you lyrically as an artist.

Where can our readers get you on social media?

YouTube: Snaidah Don Dada
Instagram: @snaidah_don_dada
Facebook: snaidah Don Dada
TikTok: snaidahdondada
Twitter: Snaidah Don dada

Final thoughts and shouts?

Shout out to Micshariki Africa for the recognition of Snaidah Don Dada. This interview means a lot to me and I feel honored and humbled by it. So Micshariki Africa, feel appreciated.