The Elementz V2.0

Event Date 27th May 2023

Venue: Muringa Studios

8Town Crew Hosted the event, there were no advance tickets as they were issued on entry.

Event officially began at 11 A.m

The MC was Kev Mamba and the DJ was DJ Sub

The event kicked off with the DJ sets by Sub and the Grafitti on the wall by 8 Town(members present were Stic 1,Diaz plus Daddo and Ebra[The duo is also known as Can of a Clan])

Spray Uzi Members Swift, Detail, Smoki and Bankslave also did their thing alongside Till who is a tattoo and Graffiti artist who paid a visit and did some graffiti work.

Bantu, a Graff artist also made a surprise visit and did his thing on the wall.

Bboy moves by King of the streets kicked off in the afternoon until night, their energy was superb and seemed unending. The crowd reception was very positive to the Bboy crew.

Performances started a little late but the crowd got their money’s worth. There were performances by ShazzyB, Msiti, Naybul, Madigagah, Ruffneck, Tangale, Franky Dread, Flames, Nafsi Huru,Tribe 53,Justo,Moroko Droopy and the Kalahari crew plus other Hip Hop acts.

Tattoos and body art (plus face painting), were done on site by the Formula19. 

Being a Hip-Hop event the DJ bumped just that till 8:00 p.m when the event came to an end

There was plenty of food and drinks on sale plus merchandise such as stickers, caps, t-shirts etc