Yoh Ade

Steven Hori alias Yoh Ade is a Kenyan Hip Hop artist who grew up in Kayole which is the eastern part of Nairobi.

Yoh Ade musical journey started to actualize in high school when he started composing lyrics and dropping barz. He was nicknamed the name ‘Ade’ due to his mad love for the dancehall artist in Jamaica ‘Vybz Kartel’ And ‘Yoh’ for being the only teen rolling with both niggas from the West & East  whom are known not to sync together in the same atmosphere

In 2016, Yoh Ade formed a Hip Hop crew by the name Blackjacks that consisted of two other male rappers namely Youngcraizii & Joe Lewiz. The first major project was ‘Address’ which set the crew to a whole new level and made Blackjacks be recognized by the hood as lyrical and authentic artists.

Through the merger, Yoh Ade has released numerous tracks and an album Blacksteps that consists of 16 songs. ‘Kaa Rada’ being the first solo project. Yoh Ade's catalogue consists of other songs like Ngori, Finesse, 22Miles, Gunshot and many more.

Who Is Yoh Ade?

Yoh Ade Is a Kenyan rapper, songwriter, video director, entrepreneur and a performing artist.

What is the inspiration behind your artistic name?

In my school I was the closest thing to Vybz Kartel, used to imitate a lot of things from him when growing up....kwa talent shows or anywhere ungepata gathering, nilikuwa ditni ndakas fully Gaza hehe...and that's where I got my name Ade from.....then the streetz named me Yoh due to my closet preference.

How do you describe the type of music that you typically create?

With an aim to motivate my listeners, I usually create music that anyone coming or going through the same struggle can relate.

How is your creative process like?

Well, I do create music depending on my moods, anytime I get motivated or feel inspired.

When did you start doing music professionally and how has the journey been like?

I can say this year. I am focused with music though the journey has not been a walk in the park.

You are the founder of Blackjacks crew, who are some of the members and why did you decide to come up with this outfit?

Other members include YoungCraizii & Joe Lewiz, just like Bblackjack, our music captures the attention and hold on the soul.

Does Blackjacks still exist?


What are some of the challenges that you encountered being part of the crew?

Getting the whole crew together was kinder hectic...kila mtu alikuwa on a different job…So kupata opportunity ya ku link up si wote ilikuwa ngumu na ata ikipatikana time inakua limited.

Apart from music, what else do you do?

I am an entrepreneur.

Let us talk about your song, 'Finesse', what is the story behind it?

Okay, true story; someone I know actually went through what I rap in Finesse.

What do you plan to do to see Yoh Ade brand grows bigger in the next 3-5 years?

I will put more effort into improving my craft, even collaborating with other industry brands to bring out better content.

If given a chance, what will you do different in the Kenyan music industry?

I'd reach out to more territories in search of more talented individuals to work with, nature the young kids with talents, build organizations/foundations that would help in improving their crafts.

Your view on the current state of Kenyan Hip Hop?

Current state iko stagnant coz hakuna love.

Word to Kenyan Hip Hop fraternity?

Mziki ni culture ya love usisahau.

Word to your fans?

Do not say it, just try it, it may work, in every idea you have about moving forward in life do not fear.

Social media/Music platforms?

Facebook: Yoh Ade
Instagram: yohade_1960

Shout outs?

Spice De Richi, Kcuzzi Arts, Tyler Krates, PipinoXL, Alex A2 crew, Cici Moto Family, Blackson signature, Yoh Wings, Diangosh, Young Bavage, Blackjacks gang and all my friends.